Future WorkForce startup, UiPath certified, helps HR specialists automatically generate certificates for employees who must go to work during this period

  • A robot that automates the process of issuing and updating certificates for employees who cannot work remote during this period;
  • The solution offered free of charge by Future WokForce makes this process 90% more efficient;
  • Future WorkForce, UiPath Gold Partner, also offers quick screening solutions for companies making hirings and analyzes the implementation of other robots for the automation of certain operational processes.

In order to support the activity of HR specialists who, during this period, can register an overwhelming volume of work generated by the issuing of certificates for employees who have to go to work, Future WorkForce came up with a solution via which this activity is taken over by a robot. Future WorkForce is a Romanian startup that uses RPA (robotic process automation) to streamline certain repetitive activities and is certified as a UiPath Gold Partner.

The automation of this HR process allows both to issue the certificates and update them in only 10 seconds, compared to 2-3 minutes if the operation is performed manually. Thus, the time efficiency is up to 94% for this action.

Once this solution is installed and configured on the client’s computer, the HR specialist or the manager of a large team sends to the robot an excel list with the data of the employees who go to work. Afterward, the robot starts updating the data from the certificate, then sends it to each employee by email via WhatsApp, in PDF format.

The solution provided by Future WorkForce is especially useful for companies with at least 30 employees or those with smaller teams, but for which the certificate has to be updated very often, such as those of courier services, whose employees change routes daily.

Automation is done by Future WorkForce for free, using UiPath technology. The solution is available here, in the UiPath market place.

„This period challenges us to change many work patterns and habits. It is important to find and adopt effective solutions for as many as possible professional activities and, fortunately, technology, or, more specifically, automation, in our case, play an essential role in transforming these paradigms. We have several solutions that can be successfully used especially during this period, but the robot for issuing and updating the certificates for employees who cannot work from home, provided free of charge to companies, represents our way of contributing to the efforts of tech startups for supporting the business environment in Romania, during the crisis period,” says Mihaela Moisa, Co-Founder Future WorkForce.

Also, for companies that are recruiting for certain positions during this period, Future WorkForce has developed a solution that is scanning the candidates’ CVs with LinkedIn profile based on predefined job requirements and based on the findings it preselects them.

In the Future WorkForce portfolio are also available robots that automate other various processes in the HR area. These include a solution that operates changes in the employment contracts listed in the General Register of Employees Record.

Among the more than 25 clients of the company are the most important banks in Romania, insurance companies, respectively telecom operators.



About Future WorkForce

Future WorkForce is the largest One-Stop-Shop for the automation of certain activities within companies, starting from the identification of these processes, to improving and prioritizing them, up to developing and implementing the respective robots. Although the focus is on developing and implementing RPA, Future WorkForce is providing complimentary UiPath solutions in the AI area, as well as business intelligence and consulting services.




Diana Iosu

Corporate Communication Senior Advisor, DiFine PR


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