Follow-up: #GPeCSummit mai 2018 (2018.05.29-31, Crystal Palace Ballrooms)

Between 29th and 31st of May 2018, GPeC Summit takes place at Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Bucharest. #GPeCSummit

I’ll do live blogging at the event most of the times.

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Day one

Romanian E-Commerce Market Research 2018 – Andrei Cânda (Managing Partner iSense Solutions) presents the market study E-Commerce GPeC & iSense

Represantative study for national level, urban environment.

How many customers do online shopping at least once a month: 44% (2017) – 53% (2018).

The most important criteria for buying online:
– Price;
– Trust;
– Delivery time;

You should aim to be the retail on which the shopping is done most easily.


  • Buy right here, right now.
  • The need to be relaxed.
  • Encourage online payment.
  • On average, a person visits only 9 online stores.
  • Offer transparency.
  • The web site should be easy to navigate.
  • The web site should be responsive.
  • Live stock information.
  • Quick delivery.

Fireside Chat with Iulian Stanciu (CEO eMAG)

Ecommce makes people’s lives simpler. You can order anytime, from anywhere. People adopt online buying more and more.

We have an over 30% increase Y-o-Y.

November and December are top sellers in the year.

For Romania 2020 there will be a lot of forms done online. This will make ecommerce easier for people.

We need State’s intervention for digitalization.

There are lot of projects in EU over digitalization.

2.8 Billion Euros – overall sales in Romanian market (total eCommerce sales).

3.6-3.7 B – estimation for 2018 end of year.

14,000 – 15,000 estimated online sellers in Romania at the end of 2017. 20,000 is the estimation for 2018. Monthly increase with around 800-1,000 stores per month.

A marketplace offers simplicity in selling products.

There are some sellers which are exclusively in marketplaces (eMAG, Amazon, others).

eMAG has more than 10,000 sellers in marketplace. There are 1,000-1,200 which have no orders in the previous month.

Top niches:

  • Home & deco;
  • Fashion;
  • Automotive niche;


  • Product description should be fine;
  • Delivery time and returns processing should be s small as posible;

Clients wants simplicity in buying the products. This implies, firstly, mobile experience. Pre-filled terms, mobile app, relevant search, the product catalogue should be well sorted, the product documentation should be fine, filtering should work correctly, the payment should be well integrated and tested, the buying process, transactional communication (the client should know what’s next).

Also, closeness to the client – the speed of delivery should be high, and the promise to deliver should be fulfilled.

The delivery should be predictable (specify, for example, the time interval in which the delivery will be made).

Delivery for online: switched from B2B to B2C.

There were lots of investments done in delivery (people, cars, sorting system).

Customers want the products quickly.

When you start a new project, you should first start with a niche, do this well, and only afterwards enlarge your circle of competence.

Saturday in offline stores has 50% more orders than a regular day, and Sunday double the volume.

Saturday has 50% sales volume comapred to a usual day, and Sunday has 30-40% of a usual day.

For evening orders, delivery is made after two days after.

Around 30% of orders are premium orders. It goes well with day-to-day items (diapers) and products with a large volume (freezer).

The market is now a global one, not just an European one.

In Russia AliExpress is the #1 seller. They are very aggressive in marketing costs. They have discounts for transportation. They mark their products as „Gift” to skip paying import fees.

Amazon just entered in Australia, which is a market more than 10 times the level in Romania.

Europe is very fragmented concerning languages and regulation.

In China they’ve tried the same model as the ones in developed countries.

In India they have cash on delivery, they hired people on motorbikes.

Top categories for sale: Phones, Appliances, Fashion, Home & Deco.

Average order: >500 RON, increase around 10%.

eMAG is working on giving some of its top performers stock market shares, parts of profit. They also try to give their employees a purpose. People also need to have a perspective, room for growth (individual level, company level).

Intelligent and educated work stands at a base of growth. But above work, there is capital. eMAG grew via capital. This means associating with various companies, which offer complementary studies.

Persuasive Web Design for E-Commerce – keynote Peep Laja (CEO CXL)

If you Google «CRO», you will get – CRO techniques – the complete list. You can sort through 100+posts.

How about best practices? There are best practices for everything. Best practices it’s where you start, not where you end up.

With video background the problem is that we are attracted to the movement. The animation actually decreases CR.

Amazon has a 74% conversion rate. It’s not just the design & the copywriting, they’ve done more than this.

You can’t copy competitors, because most of them didn’t test.

The only reliable answer in how to optimize a web site – you need a framework. If your first instict is to focus on tactits, you’re on the wrong way, you should focus on strategy.

The problem with the research process is that it takes a lot of work, and you need to be good at many things to do it.

We want to lower the cost and improve the speed.

For every single page you should ask yourself – what do you want the user to do?

You need strong visual hierarchy.

The thing which is the most important on a page should be the biggest.

The product should be the biggest thing on a page.

The Add to bag shouldn’t be a ghost button, with the same color as the background. Also, the culor of the button should be different than everything else on the page.

For a technical product (hard drive), the perceived value is higher for larger images. For design products (shirt), the perceived value is lower for larger images.

The more copy added, the more people spent on a web site. For hard drives – bullet points & more copy was better.

For design products, more copy lead to more sales, but bullet points didn’t influence the sales.

On a web site, it’s fine to start the page with a question – shop for men or shop for women.

On a page, it’s fine to have secondary actions, but it should be marked as „secondary”.

The most important element of a web site – it makes it easy to find what I want.

Each page should answer to – Where am I, what can I do here, why should I be here or on another web site?

You should avoid superlatives – „we’re the best” / „we’re #1”. Instead, use specifics „we deliver in one day”.

In 50 miliseconds we decide if we like a web site or not. This first impressions last for years. In school reunions, people remember the impressions.

In 98% of cases people care mostly about design.

If a web site has low complexity (not a lot of elements on a page) and prototypicallity (looks like other web sites), this will increase trust.

80% of the time on a web site is on above the fold area. You should focus here.

70% of the time is spent on the left area, put the most important details there.

Put large images on a web site.

If you want attract people to a form, avoid using imges with people looking at a form, and instead use arrows or graphical elements.

If you want people to scroll, avoid having lots of variance of background (avoid, for example, black backround of an area, people will perceive it as a footer, will not scroll).

For an online store – always sort by most popular; you should use filters, sorting; use badges, even invent them (top product, top sales).

You should have 60-80 characters per line.

On a form, try to break it in multiple steps.

Popups work very well, consistent results.

Exit popups work well.

You shouldn’t skip the research if you know the repeatable patterns.

Once they rolled out a research result on various web sites, they’ve noticed they don’t work anymore.

Websites are highly contextual. If something works for somebody else, it might not work for you.

Single-page checkouts might work, but you need to remove as many forms elements as possible, and have everything on a single column. It works better for some niches than others.

For mobile users, you stil need to do conversion tests.

Popups on mobiles still work.

Full-page takeovers don’t work well for SEO purposes.

A lot of changes done for user engagement also help SEO results.

Sharing mentality in E-Commerce Marketing – Dorin Boerescu (CEO 2Performant)

120 M Euros + VAT via 2Performant networks.

Online ecommerc is only 5.6% of the total market (online + offline) in commerce in Romania.

1 Billion digital nomads in 2035. 7

Keynote Jeff Bullas (#1 Global Content Marketing Influencer) – 3 Key Pillars to Successful Content Marketing on the Social Web

Nobody likes cold calling.

I solved asthma by running. I was the original Forrest Gump.

Content Marketing is a marathon, it’s not a sprint.

Bill Gates – „most people overestimate what they can do in one year, but they underestimate what they can do in 10 years”.

Content Marketing is a game you need to do for years.

Content Marketing = creation + persistance.

Today, there are lots of social media platforms you need to be active on.

People care about what a brand can do for them, not about the brand itself.

The only constant thing is change.

You need to allow yourself to make errors.

Content is a digital asset.

You are measured by data.

Influencers are measured not by how good they look, but how much noise they create online that touches people.

Search drives 300% more traffic than social media.

BuzFeed has 8B visitors from outside of its web site.

Instead of writing content to a crowd you image as being a company, write it for humans – write about challenges, fears, tell a story.

Write for a 9-year old, do not write for academics, for rocket scientists.

Don’t use acronyms.

Read this book: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King.

Start from a niche. Try to repurpose your content. When you write a blog post, re-use this for other types of media.

BuzzFeed: out of top 20 most shared things on Facebook, 18 are video.

LinkedIn areas of focus: Business, Getting a Job, Creating a Career.

Use video which is gated (protected by a form).

Marketing automation is taking over.

Some people might prefer talking to bots, rather than humans.

Your job as a content marketer, especially in B2B, is to provide a guide / stIn zrategy. For implementation, most people will still need to come back to you in person, because the details are everything.

Together – Cristina Pateșan (Head of Digital Orange România)

Orange team has used Facebook Polls to get feedback from customers on what color should a phone have.

A new perspective in online credits – Andrei Buzgan (CEO Credius)

There is an opportunity for online credits.

In eCommerce:

  • Romania 12% of payments for goods bought online are made electronically (the rest is cash);
  • UK 87% of payments for goods bought online are made electronically (the rest is cash);

Technical acceptance model:

  • ease of using apps;
  • advantages of using apps;
  • safety of using personal data;
  • how easy to use it?
  • the benefits of the use of end products;

85% of taking a decision is based on emotions.

83% of customers would buy via online solutions of buying in installments;

67% of customers know about the advantages of using online apps;

59% would buy via online solutions if offered at the point of purchase;

A lot of time, marketers promote the advantages of buying a product; they should also consider promoting ease of buying online;

Why You Fail at Digital Marketing. And what to do about it – keynote Karl Gilis (Co-Founder AG Consult)

Avoid video backgrounds.

You should avoid sliders.

As a marketer you shouldn’t trust your gut instincts, you should know the basic marketing principles.

Offline advertising is about getting attention.

Online advertising is about paying attention.

A lot of times design changes will not do uplifts.

A lot of times you should change your content in order to attract visitors.

Customer-driven marketing based on research and data.

Problem: 80% of companies say they are consumer-centric. On another hand, only 8% of clients say the companies are customer-centrice.

You need an in-depth knowledge about your customers.

The most important question – Why do people buy from you?

Tip: always start with the customer.

For a booking web site:

  • 43% of customers did not have a destination in mind
  • 51% had no fixed dates in mind
  • 78% have a time-frame in mind
  • 84% type of holiday

Tip: don’t talk about your product or service.

For a car company:

  • What convinced you the most to buy a carport from us?
  • Was there something that made you hesitate? If yes, what?
  • If we would tear your carport tomorrow, what would you miss the most?

Tip: focus your Call-To-Action on the needs of the visitors.

Don’t Ask a Quote => Get a Quote => Get a Quote Now => Get Your Quote Now

Don’t make it about you => Make it about the customers

Use personal buttons: Get this now / Add this now

Tip: Write different sales pitches

If you target average visitors, you’ll get average results.

You should take away the fears and barriers of your customers.

The web site is something that you use, not something that you like.

Tip: Give compliments to the visitors of your web site.

„You’ve made an excellent choice!”

Tip: Stop being egocentric.


Your goal? #makeyourvisitorshappy

STAGE ON FIRE: E-Commerce on Wheels – Bogdan Colceriu (CEO Frisbo); Felix Pătrășcanu (Founding Member & Managing Partner FAN Courier); Lucian Aldescu (CEO DPD România); Miklos Szoboszlay (Division Manager GLS România); Sorin Mihai Nistor (Commercial Director DHL)

In Vienna the PayPoints didn’t work well.

PayPoints work if they are promoted well.

FAN Courier needs to have 50 payments per day per POS to cover the costs. The online real problem is the management of costs – couriers carry cash.

Some online stores don’t allow payment via card at the couriers.

0.85% commision taken for collector account.

Frisbo used the money from the recent buy for development. They plan to make an Uber-like system for external markets.

Around 500 online stores have signed contracts with DHL.

FAN Courier is interested in the safety of the delivery and delivering on payment. Also, people don’t want to work Saturdays and Sundays. There are 6,000 people in the system. Some people return to them. There is a real problem with the workforce. A lot of the workforce goes in other countries each year. Who remain in the country? People who are not good professionals.

Uber quality might decrease with time, old habits in taximeter die hard. Similar businesses might follow the same pattern.

You need to give your clients as many delivery options as possible.

FAN Courier has a service calle Red, a premium service, in which they deliver for free if next-day delivery before 10 AM isn’t met. GLS România has an Express Service, aimed at B2B market.

Felix Pătrășcanu goes from time to time on cars to see real life situations.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Getting Started – Jim Sterne (Chairman Digital Analytics Association)

3 needs (Data / Goal / Control) for 3 Deeds (Detec / Decide / Revise) of Machine Learning;

Same thing, different message:

  • Buy one get one free;
  • Two for the price for one.

Augumented reality uses these kind of technologies.

Over time, the questions which bots will be able to answer will be more and more complicated.

A business should do:

  • Raise revenues;
  • Lower costs;
  • Improve customer satisfaction;
  • Introduce a new competency.

In order do:

  • Raise awareness;
  • Improve opinion;
  • Influence influencers;
  • Inspire interactions;
  • Generate sales;
  • Drive endorsements;

What can machine learning could do better?

  • Testing;
  • Lead scoring
  • Meeting scheduling;
  • Inbound e-mail sorting;
  • Social media monitoring;
  • Programatic advertising;
  • Creating social media messages & ad copy.

Smell test – you should check manually some of the outcome of machine learning; you can still learn machines some thing;

To do:

  • Learn the tools;
  • Train your bots;
  • Grow your skills.

STAGE ON FIRE: Growth hacking tips for online businesses

Anabela Luca (Managing Director & Online Marketing Consultant adLemonade)

Try to listen to your customers, each time you get feedback from your customers, include those suggestions in the ad.

Try to automate marketing procedures, as much as possible.

Avoid using your competition’s keywords, you might get fines for that.

Read more on model attribution.

Doina Vîlceanu (CMO ContentSpeed)

Growth hacking – you should focus on the alignment of the needs between the product and the customers.

Never stop optimizing.

Learn how to do cohort analysis.

Ionuț Munteanu (Managing Partner WebDigital)

40% of the costs of a hospital are about the surgery room.

There are implications of Lookalike audience and GDPR.

Liviu Taloi (Co-Founder ECOMpedia)

There are examples with 72% of traffic and 60+% conversions from mobile.

There might not be „mobile-first”, but „mobile-only”.

There might be no more differentiation between online / offline.

There is a hyper-specialization. There are around 7,000 marketing tools.

Mihai Vînătoru (Head of SEO & Managing Partner DWF)

If you look for „jucării copii” (toys for children) in two areas in Bucharest, you will get different results, based on location.

At the end of 2017 there was a shift in algorithm in Google, they partially changed this in the following timeframe, but, still, there is a lot of traffic from local searches.

Google: 20% of mobile queries are voice queries.

Queries of 3+ keywords have an increase in the recent timeframe. Long-tails is gaining more visitors.

Monica Jitariuc (Managing Director MSLGROUP – The Practice)

Today, we talk of „share of attention”.

„Doing good is good for business” – Richard Branson.

Day two

E-Commerce post PSD2 – Gabriel Ghiță (VP, Business Development, Mastercard Central and Eastern Europe)

Ecommerce was invented in 1979 by Michael Aldrich;

In 1984 the first online order was made by Mrs Jane Snowball, who bought groceries from Tesco, cash on delivery;

11 August 1994 Daniel Kahn sells the first product online paid by card;

In May 2001 Arcot launches the first 3D Secure service;

SRC is a new technoogy, will enter the market in the following two years.

Card on file – this technology is present on the market today.

eMAG Marketplace! How to sell more – Florin Filote (eMAG Marketplace Director)

18 large global Marketplace operators grew 51.7% between 2014 and 2016 to $1.9 trillion.

12,599,414 people 16-55 years old live in Romania;

10,772,499 people use the Internet;

7,748,640 people ever shopped online;

3,716,827 people shopped online using a mobile device;

2,860,067 bought using the mobile application;

eMAG marketplace: +1,000 online serllers with sales over 100,000 RON per year;

eMAG marketplace: +10,00 created jobs;

Ideally – 5 photos per product;

There are products without a description, this is not good;

Photos / videos embedded – this helps with sales;

44% of products which are out of stock determine the buyers to buy from someplace else;

One marketplace seller writes a hand-written letter to each customer; wel done!

Emag marketplace introduced Account health – improving seller operations on marketplace;

A special customer support system for sellers;

Emag Marketplace will introduce Emag Ads for better promoting sales;

Let’s stop doing manual work – Mircea Căpățînă (Co-Founder Smart Bill)

The platform works well with the main ecommerce platforms in Romania + worldwide;

You can import banking payments into the platform;

They have integration with eMag marketplace;

Evolve or Die! – keynote Brian McBride (Chairman ASOS)

Seneca: Luck is where preparation meets opportunity;

Charles Darwin: It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Kodak invented the digital camera. In the early 1990s they had lots of employees.

Nokia had 60% of the phones market.

11M active installs on the app; x monthly average frequency;

For ecommerce – 55% of searches start on Amazon, rather than on Google, in the US;

You should know your customers: Big Data, AI (artificial intelligence) / ML (machine learning), Curation and Personalization;

Ecommerce buisnesses are data-driven;

For each person in this room, there are around 4,000 jeans available on ASOS;

The great thing of machine learning is that it keeps learning;

Mobile is set to overtake TV in the US.

ASOS is all about fast-fashion to 20 years old.

They have 10 seasons per year. They can quickly adapt users.

41% of customers find out about ASOS by word of mouth.

Young people trust each other and communicate one to another via social media.

ASOS Magazine has a circulation of 400,000 issues.

Taylor Swift likes ASOS gear.

The only difference between Taylor Swift and other people is about 200M USD.

Princess Kate, Meghan Markle wear dresses by ASOS sometimes.

Amazon is a very strategic companies. And also very customer-centric. „Start with the customer and work backwards”.

Amazon is not set out to kill competition. They want to be in 200 countries with 10-20% market share.

85% of ecommerce in the US is on Amazon.

In UK there are 250,000 small businesses selling on Amazon marketplace.

In 1950 the average life cycle of business was 60 years. Today, it is 20 years.

John Adair – 7 qualities of great leaders:

  • Enthusiasm;
  • Integrity;
  • Toughness;
  • Fairness;
  • Warmth;
  • Humility;
  • Confidence;

Physical retail will slowly decline;

ASOS – They spend a lot of time on visual search; if you see something which you like, you should be able to take a photo, upload it online and get a matching product from ASOS;

ASOS operates in 180 countries;

If you want to extend to China, you need a local partner; there’s a threat, though, from China selling to Romania and increasing competition;

It is not that difficult to sell in other countries in Europe and even in other parts of the world.

SEO will never die! – keynote Marcus Tandler (Co-Founder and Managing Director RYTE GmbH)

Bounce Rate is correlated with load time; slow loading pages cause people to leave web sites;

25M web sites use AMP;

>60% of pages use AMP;

Facebook Articles are also used;

Apple makes 90% more profit than Google;

Mobile grows faster than mobile;

Before and after work hours mobile dominates;

Young audience uses mobile apps a lot;

Google is testing results without URLs;

JSON-LD transforms unstructed data into structured data;

A lot of SEOs are gaming Especially ratings;

It’s not about URLs anymore, it’s also about entitites;

Google knows which products from their online ads actually get bought;

Hosting is much more efficient than crawling;

Crawling is one of the most complex aspect into searches;

Google becomes presentation-agnostic;

90% of the whole worldwide data has been created in the past two years;

At Ryte, they only use Google Search Console data;

Google doesn’t allow SERP scraping; details;

80% of Google Home results come from snippets;

The number of no-clicks searches are on the rise;

Featured snippets: try to answer in 30-50 words;

For SEO, aim for position #0, not #1;

For my own website, you should use Google Search Console, it gives impressions, clicks, CTR; for analyzing the competition, use competitor analysis tools;

If you focus on the user, not SEO, Google will know and you will rank better:

  • Fast response;
  • Works on mobile;
  • Allow crawling;

NO! I promise I won’t curse you! :) – Alex Dona (Managing Partner

If you build a personal connection with your clients, the price of the products will not matter as much;

Some partners are afraid to promote their business on humour web sites;

Brands should get involved and take risks like allowing communication on sensitive subjects like religion, politics, and so forth;

Each person, in it’s circle, is an influencer;

People need attention; do personally call one person out of 1,000 and talk to them;

Marketing is made out of money, work, time;

Elon Musk chose to ben atipical example for a CEO, he defends his employees;

A company who enters social media needs to be human; they should communicate as a human both in online and in offline;

Romania is stil a country in which you can make a joke without discrimination;

A/B testing Ultimate Guideline – keynote Ricardo Tayar (Co-Founder and CEO Flat 101)

You shouldn’t trust your insticts, you should test your hypothetis;

A/B testing is giving you the data necessary to decide on which version to use;

Data puts deign in business context;

Goals: revenue, # of leads (persons filling forms), engagement;

Once you know your goals, take a look at your data; Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Yandex.Metrica etc.;

At times, you will need qualitative data – heatmaps;

You need log analysis, to know which bots are crawling your web site;

You should know the FUDs of your client (fears, uncertainties, doubts);

A/B Test Sample Size Calculator;

It’s good to test all the time;

You should know your context well (what is your market audience);

Changing Call-To-Actions (CTAs) can have a big impact;

SEO in a Mobile First Era – keynote Aleyda Solis (Founder Orainti & International SEO Consultant)

Just because a tool like Google’s Mobile Friendly test gives you a positive result, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t test manually.

You shouldn’t block CSS via robots.txt.

Dynamic servic displays different HTMLs based on the user agent through different URLs.

Google prefers responsive web design.

Google supports all the major solutions of creating a mobile web site (responsive, dynamic HTML serving, mobile web site).

Titles and meta descriptions should be the same on mobile/desktop pages. Also, structured data.

It’s fine to hide some content in tabs on mobile devices.

From mobile versions, you should put rel=canonical to the desktop web site.

Tool: Hreflang Tags Generator Tool by @aleyda.

If you can’t optimise your own speed at all, you can use AMP instead as its speed will be taken into account instead.

STAGE ON FIRE: Key E-Commerce Insights from Top Online Shops: Mihai Pătrașcu (CEO evoMAG), Miruna Mitu (Online Marketing & Communication Manager MOBEXPERT), Raul Filip (Acquisition Director ALTEX Romania), Robert Berza (General Manager Fashion Days & Growth Evangelist eMAG Fashion)

MOBEXPERT grew around 40% Y-o-Y;

evoMAG grew 10-20% Y-o-Y;

eMAG Fashion wants to grow organically;

Mihai Pătrașcu: there are so many niche markets that starting a business in IT&C might not be a good idea;

In fashion, there is a lot of inspiration in offline stores, but you can invest in content marketing for your online store’s sales;

evoMAG tries to give small presents to some of their clients;

For Altex, they try to create loyalty to the brand;

The return process should be made as easy as possible;

There are details in the furniture selling industry for which one needs to go in store, rather than buying online;

Average shopping cart is around 650 RON for evoMAG;

There was a 30% increase in traffic for mobile; currently, 48% of traffic is mobile;

They have a big stock and a showroom;

The biggest barrier in online is gaining trust;

Raul Filip: You need to like to interact with the customer;

Robert Berza: You should spend some time in Excel; you need to know your products and your pricing strategy; you should differentiate with services offered;

Horia Neagu: create your USP (unique selling proposition);

Personalized Customer Experience Driven by Marketing Automation – Árpád Deák (Revenue Director Austria & Eastern Europe @Emarsys) & Andrei Paraschiv (Fashion Days)

Emarsys have more than 2,000 customers, in 140 countries, from 6 continents;

17 offices, 800 global workforce;

Their solution can find the optimal sending time of newsletter;

Also, they can recommend relevant articles to a buyer;

They can profile visitors (sales, newsletter opened, last purchase information);

Day 3

Workshop GDPR for online stores – Bogdan Manolea (Co-Founder

You don’t have to reconfirm email subscribers, if you have added subscribers with consent.

Consent is not the only way you can subscribe someone to the database.

If you have gathered the list of emails without consent, it’s illegal to send emails to confirm subscribing to the newsletter.

Regarding cookie notice: cookie bar / link to cookies policy / pretend that you don’t understand.

Plugin for Adblock: Ghostery.

When someone asks you to delete their data, you should make sure that you are addressing the right person.

Spain about deleting data from backup – if you don’t use the data actively, you may keep the data in the backup, as long as you create a manual or automatic solution to delete data after you reactivate it.

You don’t need to process CNP (unique identification code) for bills.

A GDPR officer doesn’t need a specific certification, currently, they can get a 2 days course on the subject.

On B2B there is much less pressure from GDPR.

There are some areas in which you can collect consent via phone (doctors, for example), but you need to record your phone conversation, and you need to inform the person prior to starting the conversation.

Car number is considered a private information. Also, IP. The exact time I entered the building is also private information.

It’s illegal to subscribe someone to the newsletter if they wanted to download a PDF. You should say something like :
Subscribe to the newsletter and download PDF. Or: Subscribe to commercial communications, and also on Facebook and Google and download PDF.

You should specify a clear end date in using personal data, for example „until no longer needed”.

For lookalike audiences you need explicit consent.

There are special situations for camera surveillance in private or public spaces.

Workshop eMAG Marketplace: Grow your business to the next level! – Oana Antohe & Cătălin Sterian

+1000 sellers 100,000 RON / year

+10,000 created jobs

They have some sellers which sell only on the marketplace

+10 minutes average time on site

+47% Y-o-Y traffic growth

Millions of clients with at least one purchase in the past 12 months

1,856 categories

+3M active products on the web site

+47,000 brands

Photos are a big part of the selling product. Also, description, characteristics, reviews.

5 photos vs. 1 = 12%increase in conversions, 40% increase in revenues.

Descriptions should have selling points. What are the benefits?

You can add additional photos to the description.

78% of buyers are influenced by the product description.

xx9 prices (for example, 759 RON) convert 30% higher than cheaper xx4 prices.

Out of stock determines 44% of people to buy from the competition.

92% of customers read on-line reviews prior to making a purchase.

88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

eMag marketplace allows setting minimal & maximum prices to avoid price mistakes.

They manually check the descriptions. They have automated checks for some words.

If you have larger sales, you will appear higher in search results.

They will work on something similar like Amazon Sellers.

They will add integration with Magento.

It is 6-7 times more expensive to get a new client, rather than keeping an old one.

When buying online, you can get more information. Also, compare products. Get a better deal. Wider range. Also, online helps with time costs. And the return policy matters, also. People, no matter where in Romania, can order easily.

On marketplace, the seller can maximize the price (they can sell cheaply) and minimise the time (it takes more time to deliver a product).

It takes 12 positive experiences to compensate a single negative experience.

Workshop Guide for analysis top 10 most important metrics in Google AdWords – Dragoș Smeu (General Manager Mavericks)

97 different metrics in Google Adwords.

21 reports with an average of 2.4 subreports in Google Analytics.

You should tailor your KPIs for each campaign.

If I have an average position better than 1.5, I might be overbidding. If my average ad position is worse than 3.4, I might be underbidding.

When analyzing campaign performance, try to look at macro data, look for the big numbers (e.g., look at data for 3 months, not 3 weeks; look at data for 10,000 clicks, not 500 clicks).

You should try to work on the quality score if it is 6 or lower. Aim for 8 or higher.

You should do video advertising.

Cost per view 100% – see how many people see the video until the end.

Add subtitles to the video ads on YouTube.

PS, 2018.06.05: Also see (in Romanian):

P.S., 23.06.2018: Some notes from the presentations:

One CTA per page.
Through our innovative and easy-to-use fully-integrated marketing platform, Emarsys enables brands around the world to deliver truly personal customer interactions across email, mobile, social, SMS, and web – at scale.

Market analysis and online brand:
1. Google Trends
2. Google Suggest
3. Google AdWords KeyWord Planner
4. SimilarWeb
5. Built With
6. Wayback Machine

You need clarity in your page:
– What is this page about?
– What can I do here?
– Why should I do it here?

You need in-depth knowledge of your customer. I’m not talking about social- demographic data. Why do people buy from you?

Good content has better results than more content. Instead of writing more, write better.

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