Find my mentor – mentorship program

A very OK mentorship program, I recommend you to have a look – Find my mentor.

Find my mentor is a mentorship program designed to connect entrepreneurs and tech professionals with mentors in order to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

The aim of the program is to ensure a continuous transfer of know-how and to create a culture based on knowledge exchange, education and collaboration.

How it works
01. You choose a mentor
Depending on your learning objective and desired type of mentorship, you choose a mentor you like and you apply for his specific profile

02. Interview with mentor
If the mentor you have applied for considers he is a good match for you, an interview will be set to validate the match

03. Start program
If the match is validated after the interview, you get connected to you mentor and start the 3 months mentorship program

The mentors involved in the program are handpicked Romanian and foreign entrepreneurs, advisors, professors, senior tech professionals and product managers both from Europe and the USA.

Quality mentorship greatly enhances mentees chances for success.

We have facilitated over 400 hours of mentorship so far.

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