Simple site review: – what can be further improved?

I have to admit, I’m a fan; I like – transfer rapid de fişiere online a lot.

The service is still in beta testing, it’s already great, but they’re working on it.

What’s there to be improved?

  • The current process for me goes like this:
    • open the web site;
    • click login;
    • login;
    • go to upload file;
    • drag & drop, if there is only one file;
    • add file one by one, if there is more than one file;
    • send files;
    • copy & paste the email address;
    • click on „notify me of opening the files”;
    • send files;
    • wait for the files to be archived;
    • copy & paste the link into an email / messenger;
  • The process could be improved like this:
    • There should be an option for persistent login; I would love not to have the trouble of ever logging in on the web site for 30 days;
    • The upload option should be there right when I visit the web site; this is the main reason for someone to visit your web site – to send a file; help the users do this; this is the main action? Then put it right on the homepage;
    • In Chrome I can drag & drop one file for upload; but I know, by using Gmail / Google+ / YouTube, that I should be able to do this with more than one file at the same time; help me do this;
    • When adding a file, via the browse window, I should be able to select multiple files, using Ctrl / Shift; you should help me to add multiple files at once;
    • I would love to have the option of not sending the file via email, but just providing me with a link to send via email / messenger; or put an option in my control panel with this option; also has this; and it’s pointless;
    • The option of notifying me of opening the files should be persistent from one session to the other;
    • You only notify me via email the first time a person opens the file; notify me constantly, even 5 times;
    • I don’t need to wait for you to archive the files; I should just send the file to you, you should give the file to me, and I should send the link to another person; meanwhile, the file should get archived by you; the waiting time is unnecessary; I don’t care for this;
    • The link should be already selected, for easy copy & paste;
    • The link should be short, for easy posting on Twitter;
  • Other small bugs:
    • Why not use the name of the file/files in the URL? You create a cryptic name for the link, but I would prefer you used my filename instead;
    • Terms & conditions in the header of the web site? Why is this?
    • You use both diacritics and non-diacritics in this text („in” should be „în”):
      „Trimite documente, poze, filme sau oricare alt tip de fişier in doar 3 paşi simpli.”
    • „Hostare”? Is this even a name?
    • You keep on saying I can share my files with my friends; I think that:
      • The real advantage is that I can share big files, which I can’t easily share on email / messenger;
      • Another advantage is that I can make sharing private (so, instead of putting a file on a blog / YouTube / SlideShare, I can chose with whom do I share a file);
    • You don’t seem to use Capitals right:
      • „Nu ai cont? înregistrează-te” => „Nu ai cont? Înregistrează-te”
      • „O interfaţă intuitivă, Uşor de folosit” => „O interfaţă intuitivă, uşor de folosit”
    • „Nici nu îţi dai seamă” ? Or „seama”?

One final thought – I love Google homepage; one action possible – to search, two buttons; this is how I view your service – you should ask for a file / more files, a „Send button”, and, after the file uploads, you should ask data as email / name, or just give me a link to copy & paste; this is how I view the web site, doing a great job.

As a conclusion – is the file sending service I like best on the Romanian market; great service, nice hosting abilities, good upload & download times; work a bit on the interface, and you’re all set!

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