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Empowering the hero in movies

I see this happening more often than not. You take one character, and you give him more power than the adversaries.

When James Bond is in prison, there’s always an escape route, even if in real-life, James Bond would probably not escape. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, it’s just difficult to escape.

Sometimes, in more recent movies, the bad guys also have lots of power. They dominate, and they almost win. You need to believe this, that if you have some special skills (intelligence, brute force, agility), you can overcome any obstacle.

Real life is really not like that. You can be a professional martial arts fighter and get beaten in a club.

I like „Gattaca” a lot. One of the reasons for doing so is that it is really really difficult to beat your condition. I also like „The Grey„. In the movie, there are no superheroes. Plain humans. It’s hard to beat your condition. Same for „Le notti di Cabiria” – no super powers. Real, tough, life.

I really don’t get into superhero movies. Sure, it would be lovely if life were like this. It generally isn’t.

James Bond, in the last movie of the series, has little weapons arsenal, has little powers. He beats others with his intelligence, mostly.

In the last Superman movie, the main character is very powerful & all that. But he’s not invincible, based on powers. He still needs brains.

You can’t solve all the dilemmas by insisting.

In the last Bourne, the bad guy is better than all of the police at being an opponent for Bourne.

In the second movie of „How to train your dragon” the main character wins by finding creative solutions. He can’t win by skills, he needs things which others have – creativity, leadership, courage.

Hani Amir - It's Superman!,
Hani Amir – It’s Superman!,
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