Desperados / Desperate housewives / Desperate times call for desperate measures

Sometimes, I go on buses in Romania. And it strikes me to see how desperate people can be:

  • Bus drivers to start going, waiting for just a little for people to get back to the bus, sometimes being in a hurry to close the doors, at times not checking things.
  • People who want to get down from the bus to be on time.
  • People who want to get onto the bus do not leave enough room for people to get down or immediately start to go into the bus without waiting first for people to get down.

If you get down and leave some space between the person in front of you and yourself, people who want to get up into the bus want to occupy that space.

Empty spaces, what are we living for?” (Queen – The Show Must Go On – YouTube)

Also, once I wanted to get down from a bus, but I had quite some luggage and there was a big dog without a leash in front of me. People started entering the bus without allowing me to get down. The bus started, and I specifically yelled at the bus to stop at the first crossroad so that I could get down.

I’m not sure where this desperation comes from.

They say Romania has issues with infrastructure and corruption. I want to add an element that’s even harder to overcome – education. As a population, we’re rather uneducated.

Wojtek Gurak - Education Department
Wojtek Gurak – Education Department,

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