Photos + videos from events

Follow-up: About the light – Pictures (2009.03.17)

Location: Izvor Park and Marriot

Pictures in the dark I see

And they let the light in.

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Follow-up: What emotions you can learn from a keyboard – Pictures (2009.03.04)

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Basic emotions one can learn just by looking at a keyboard in a different way.

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Follow-up: Pictures in Bucharest (2008.09.20)

Location: Parliament Palace, National Bank of Romania
Occasion? Bucharest Days.

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Follow-up: Paraul Rece – Things that impressed me – Pictures (2008.07.25)

Location: Paraul Rece, Rasnov, Sinaia (Brasov, Romania).

These were taken at a summer school. Lovely.

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Follow-up: Pictures on orthodoxy – Pictures (2008.07.20)

Location: Paraul Rece, Bucharest, Navodari, Romania

Beautiful aspects on orthodoxy: from lights falling down on me to beautiful scenery.

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Follow-up: Why, to me, the Strategy Conference in Human Resources, organized by HR Club Romania 12th March, 2009, at J.W. Marriott, Bucharest had the best conference organization I’ve ever seen?

This blog post starts with the conclusion: to me, a conference I took part to two days ago had the best organization I’ve ever seen at a conference. Why? Find out below.

Warning: long post ahead.

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Follow-up: What have I learned at the Strategy Conference in Human Resources in the spring of 2009?

The first thing I noted while checking the notes is that I didn’t pay that much of an attention on what I’ve written. Most of the things I’ve written are not in my head. And that’s, simply put, bad. I’ve slept 5 hours prior to the conference, and almost 12 after it, but my memory isn’t helping me all that much two days after.

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