, the marketplace where entrepreneurs find all the tools and services they need to build their businesses is a marketplace created to help the Romanian entrepreneurs that are taking their first steps into the business world, and also those who wish to further expand their existing business ventures but require need professional help to take their projects to the next level. It is also a project that benefits consultants and freelancers who want to share their expertise and help those looking to build a successful business. is the first marketplace meant to bring the Romanian business and freelancing communities together. The platform gathers experts from various fields, such as web development, SEO, design, legal, marketing, business consulting, accounting, or financial consulting.

The main benefit of the platform is that any entrepreneur can contact the specialists listed on, and the specialists themselves have the opportunity to generate leads and gain new customers. has been developed over the course of six months, and its core target are those entrepreneurs that have reached a certain growth in their business and want to make a change for the better, but also those who wish to start a business venture and need assistance in their very first steps in the world of entrepreneurship.

Accessing the marketplace is free of charge and experts all around the country can have their services listed on The interaction between the specialists and the users is personalized based on the preferences and needs of the users. Moreover, the experts are listed with their contacts, a short description and their consulting fees. is the answer to the needs of both entrepreneurs and consultants: the first category finds all the experts needed to start a business in the same place, they enjoy the safety of having the best experts at their disposal, as the specialists listed are curated by the team. On the other sides, the experts have a constant flow of customers that need the services they have to offer.

At this moment, there are six main categories on the platform – CTO de împrumut (CTO for hire), Brand Awareness, Self-Improvement, Birocrație și taxe (Bureaucracy & Taxes), Business Mentors, Coworking & birouri (Coworking & Offices). Each main category has other specific subcategories meant to further differentiate between the services offered by various experts.

The purpose of is to create and consolidate an interconnected community of experts and business owners and to offer quality content and specific services. Moreover, the goal of is to integrate the existing expert community into the Romanian entrepreneurial ecosystem and take it to new heights. is an independent project, which enjoys the support of, the main information website for the Romanian startups and entrepreneurs.

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