Techniques and strategies for winning at chess games with beginner-level players

I’m an amateur at chess, but I still like to play.

What are some techniques and strategies for winning at chess games with beginner-level players?

  • Coordinate your pieces, and make sure that, as much as possible, one piece is linked to the other.
  • Try to protect your King with either pawns or minor pieces (Bishops, Knights).
  • For the opponent’s King & Queen, try to put as much attack on them as possible (Rook on same files with a Queen, Bishop on the same diagonal with the opposite King, etc.).
  • Try to guess what it’s going to happen – if a pawn structure completely blocks a piece of yours, try to avoid that line/diagonal.
  • Always leave room for your opponent’s mistake – consider an easy mate, see if they don’t see a pin/fork, etc. A computer will almost never play assuming that you’ll make a mistake, but humans can do so.
  • Try to think while your adversary is moving.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much more than beginner games because this is my level.

svklimkin - Queen of pawns
svklimkin – Queen of pawns,



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