Poem: “I’ve got too many ideas! (a complaint)” – by Olivian Breda

At some point, I complained to someone dear:

“I’ve got too many ideas!

They fly through my head in a millisecond!

I can’t even put them into words!”

And the answer came as a surprise:

“You say you’ve got too many ideas?

But I know of people who complain

They don’t get enough of them!”.

The truth is sometimes not based on reality.

I have a single true thought:

“Too many ideas!”.

Other have different true thoughts:

“Where could I get more ideas from!?”.

My truth is not the same as others.

It takes a middleman to spot this.

Time passed, and I learned

To put my ideas in a game,

To make them work in order.

Still, I do get a lot of ideas,

I do forget and I’m not able to jot them all down,

But it’s not as big of a problem as it used to be.

I now tend to have fewer ideas,

And I’m getting better and better at writing them down.

Yogesh Kumar Jaiswal - Thought
Yogesh Kumar Jaiswal – Thought, https://flic.kr/p/cGgqy
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