Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder

Let’s take this product:

which looks like this, after about one year of hands-on experience:

When reading this review, please note the circumstances I use the product:

  • I am at a conference, I need to do multiple things at once (photo + video + pay attention to what is happening at the event), thus I film / photograph / record audio on auto, I don’t stay in front of the machine all that much, so I need to have some freedom.
  • I tend not to care for my products a lot, and I am a bit clumsy.
  • I push products to their extreme, I force things, I push things, I drop things. Thus, I look for products who are more prone to resisting to my (unwanted) powers).
  • I have quite some experience in event recording, on these areas: photography / video / audio. See some reviews I made here.
  • The current review will probably amaze you on how little emphasis I put on the quality of the product itself. The thing is, I know little of my equipment, and I know even little-er on other similar equipment. So, while I can tell you my equipment is good or not, I can’t make evaluations such as „it’s the best in his class”, or „this is a best buy”. Despite my experience with documenting events, I’m a beginner in hardware testing. So, take this review as it was meant to be – in no way to save you from reading an actual review from a reputable web site about the product. You should do this! Instead, my review is focused on giving you some feed-back you might get in other places.
  • If you think it is impossible to read a detailed review about an external microphone, without any other comments about the recording quality, other than „it’s OK”, you are wrong. This is that kind of a review!

The videos I made about the product:


Some official product photos:




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