Who is in front of you? Wikipedia or your direct competitor?

Let’s take “chairs” as a keyword and assume you want to get, via Search Engine Optimization, as high as you can. After some work, you get on #2 place. You look at first spot and you find:

  • A scenario: a Wikipedia entry about chairs.
  • B scenario: your direct competitor.

In A scenario, if the person is interested in buying a product, then that person might go directly to place #2. In B scenario, it has to pick between you (#2) and your direct competitor (#1).

Which scenario would you prefer?

Note: Idea from Superweek 2012.

I am a Digital Marketing freelancer.

My expertise is in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / UX (user experience) / WordPress.

Co-founder of lumeaseoppc.ro (series of events on SEO & PPC) and cetd.ro (Book on branding for MDs).

On a personal level, I like self-development - events, sports, healthy living, volunteering, reading, watching movies, listening to music.

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