Follow-up: What I learned at Walk you own path workshop, 2009.07.14-15, Ascensorul building?

Note: The current article has been written more than 12 years ago!

On 2009.07.14 and 2009.07.15 I took part at the Walk you own path workshop in Ascensorul building, Europe conference room, Bucharest. The event was organized by ROLeader. Here comes my learning.

Day 1
Videos from day 1:

What did I learn?
1. You should become aware of the heights you can fly to;
2. Questions to put to yourself:
a. Who are you?
b. Do you know the signs that show you the path?
c. What do I choose to be?
3. “To choose” – the biggest conviction one can have;
4. It takes from 21 to 28 days to transform an action into a habbit;
5. You should start with physical habits, they are easier to reinforce;
6. We are now living in a material area; We should switch from:
a. “To have” – material state;
b. “To do”- do something for a.; and again switch to:
c. “To be” – happiness;
Going from c. to a. might be the wise choice;
7. Target: manage to focus only on breathing for 49 minutes;
8. Two people who say the same thing:
a. One is happy and fulfilled;
b. The other is unsatisfied;
9. A person best learns from sufference and wise;
10. I am inferior to nobody else, and nobody else is inferior to me;

But the speaker of the day was, to me, a clown – Titi Zen clown, as he calls himself. He was the special guest of the first day. Here’s what I liked so much about him:
1. He said this – When you find out who you are, you can redefine yourself constantly;
2. He had the courage to break the rules:
a. Social norms – Besides dressing atypically, he said tough things, he argued; Besides making people laugh, he put himself into awkward situations; He always left me the impression that if one needs a bit of an impulse to do one thing, he could have done it easily; He could have gone in the scene, even if no one else did this;
b. Behavior norms – He ate an apple from a decorative basket of fruits (those could have been unwashed fruits; He still ate the apple); He said on one table with the risk of falling.

I liked Titi Zen clown a lot, and do hope I’ll see him again sometimes.

Day 2
Videos from day 2:

What did I learn?
1. The path for change: You find out something new, you believe in it, you apply it;
2. You should accept everything the way it is;
3. There are three types of intelligence:
a. Physical;
b. Mental;
c. Emotional;
3. You should know your emotions and you should feel the emotions of the person you talk to;

Elena IGNAT (Razara):
1. How can you become a victim when you have with you information from all the Universe?
2. If you wish to, you can become the center of the Universe in one second;
3. One person can change nations;
4. Being surprised gives one an increased conscience; Being angry lowers the conscience;

From day 2, I liked Elena IGNAT’s ability to speak. She had lots of passion, good enthusiasm and she provided the room with energy.

Event organization – Regarding the event itself, I can say:
1. It was lots of fun, we got to dance, there were some exercises, and all-in-all a joyful atmosphere;
2. Part of the fun was that some things went so wrong (bad organization – poor sound, poor speakers – beginner singers for example), that we, from time to time, laughed at them; That wasn’t that good; For example, one singer (we had those, yes), had a piece of paper with the lyrics; All-in-all I learned just a few things in there;

Photos from day 1:
[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”100050990853086188413″ ualb=”5939804409855330353″ imgl=”fancybox” style=”cascade” col=”2″ size=”220″ num=”100″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]

Photos from day 2:
[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”100050990853086188413″ ualb=”5939805495713101457″ imgl=”fancybox” style=”cascade” col=”2″ size=”220″ num=”100″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]

Bottom line: lots of fun event, with little things to learn with the brain.

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