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Usability tip: Why remove the voucher from the shopping cart?

You may have seen this from time to time: you want to order a product and this pops-up:

What’s the problem with it? It makes you want to leave the basket, go to Google and search for a voucher. There are three scenarios:

  • Your client finds a voucher, he returns to your shopping cart, and gives you a cheaper order. You’ve just lost money.
  • What happens if the client doesn’t find the voucher?
    • He might be frustrated, and look for products someplace else, since your brand just got a bit more annoying („ah, they do give vouchers, but not to me! Bastards!”).
    • Even if the client does return, he will feel frustrated, he will probably feel he is losing some money. Not so good.

My opinion? When you give a voucher, also give a link which the client should use in order to make an order on your web site. Without that link, the customer won’t see the voucher field anywhere.

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