Follow-up: What insights I had on “Walk on your own path” – seminar by Vasile PAUN?

Note: The current article has been written more than 12 years ago!

On 29th of March 2009 Vasile PAUN from intellCompetitiv, was at the Body Mind Spirit Festival, at Sala Palatului, Bucharest. I was lucky enough to hear a speech from him: “Walk on your own path”.

Some pictures at the event:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

What insights did this event brought me?
1. God defines Himself: “I am who I am”; You can learn something out of this and say a similar thing: “I behave in the way in which I choose to behave”;
2. Life deserves to be lived;
3. A way in which to discover things about meanings of life:
a. Ask yourself “What would be the greatest choice right now?”
b. Ask “Do I follow my own path in life?”
c. Pose yourself this question: “Do I know what helps me?” (in this area there are multiple answers on three levels – to exist, to do, to have);
d. Ask “Do I recognize the signs of my path?”;
4. Out of any thing that goes into your life you can learn something, and that thing brings up new opportunities;
5. There are four levels in which you can perceive the world:
a. You; (blame others)
b. I; (it’s all me)
c. We; (it’s all us)
d. “I am who I am” (spiritual level);
The farther away from “You”, the better;
6. Meditation on your workplace? Think about it!

What did you learn out of this?

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