Twenty things I’ve learned from Maury PAIPERL at the conference for disseminating the project “Partnership for developing the Human Resources field”, 2010.06.10, Pullman Hotel?

On the 10th of  June, 2010, Pullman Hotel, I took part to conference for disseminating the project “Partnership for developing the Human Resources field”. The conference was organized by HR Club. Below you’ll find my notes at the speech of Professor Maury PEIPERL – Professor of Leadership and Strategic Change at IMD, some thoughts about event organization and photos from the event.

What have I jotted down at the presentation of Professor Maury PEIPERL?

1. Focus of change:
– Innovation;
– Customer focus;
– Globalization;
– Social eveolution (including sustaining);
2. Culture at Applecontinuous innovation;
3. You can innovate also by giving choice, not necessarily by technological innovation (e.g. a device that shows energy level within a company to all employees);
4. Lego company has a website which allows you to create your own Lego game online and you can receive it at your home;
5. In the change management, the old definition:

a. Change is a vision which you which you achieve

has transformed into:

b. Change is all about adapting a vision;

7. Good visions are:
– Clean, concise, easily understood;
– Memorable;
– Exiting, inspiring;
– Challenging;
– Excellence-centred;
– Stable, but flexible;
8. Fun quote:

„We need a leader who is not afraid to dream incremental dreams”;

9. Change is always different;
10. The ten commandments of change (via):

„1. Analyze the organization and its need for change;
2. Create a shared vision and common direction;
3. Separate from the past;
4. Create a sense of urgency;
5. Support a strong leader role;
6. Line up political sponsorship;
7. Craft an implementation plan;
8. Develop enabling structures;
9. Communicate, involve people, and be honest;
10. Reinforce and institutionalize the change;”

10. Case studies:
a. Oticon – the Spaghetti organization; it had only projects, not real jobs; a person would be part of a project, instead of having a specific job;
b. IBM currently sells services, rather than PCs; big shift;
c. Music today sells virtual songs, rather than physical disks (vinyl, CDs);
d. Newspapers are read online, rather than in physical form;
11. People experiencing loss react emotionally (this is natural, it must be acknowledged and supported);
12. You should communicate change! Provide an open, constant stream of information on the change and encourage questions, even if you can’t answer all of them;
13. Change is painful, it hurts;
14. Message to a king:

Sire, the transition team is here, to chop off your head.

15. Major changes:
a. Book publishers sell a lot online;
b. Retilers are outsourcing a lot of their businesses;
c. Companies like Petrom, BCR have been bought by outside firms (not residing in Romania);
d. Most public employees in Greece & Romania go through a lot of changes right now;
16. Quote:

„Do what I say, not what I do”;

17. Old model for change:
Old model for change
(by Kurt LEWIN)
Current models:
a. Developmental change:
Developmental change
(improvement of current state)
b. Transitional change:
Transitional Change
(implementation of a known new state; management of the interim transition state, over a controlled period of time)
c. Transformational change:
Transformational Change
(emergence of a new state, unknown until it takes shape, out of the remains of the chaotic death of the old state);
18. Different approaches:
a. Management of change (re-active);
b. Management for change (pro-active);
c. Management as change (inter-active);
19. What is leadership?

„Leadership is support for learning” (B. SODERGREN)

20. When you learn, you prepare change.

What I liked about the speaker?

1. He had pauses in speech, which made him easy to be understood;
2. Very good body language (body position, gestures);
3. Excelent use of music (a hobby, and a very used one in his presentation);
4. He was funny;
5. Lots of case studies, including a personal case study in which he had to teach, for the very first time, an orchestra;
6. Very nice use of technology.

On the down side, I could not a lot of use of the word „but”, which tends to cancel previous affirmation (and yet I like it, also, so much!);

What I liked about the event organization by HR Club team?

1. Very friendly atmosphere;
2. The speakers and workshop moderators all got a small present;
3. Good use of technology (videos, presentation, lights, all went fine);
4. The schedule was kept well;
5. Lots of helping hands (a lot of organizing people);

What I woule improve?  I would like to see prior to the workshops the workshop speakers holding a small speech, so I know which of the four workshops to pick.

Photos from the event

(I will put these online in the days to follow)

Bottom line: I consider that HR Club managed to do yet another great conference and I enjoyed the speech of Maury PEIPERL a lot. You can also check out my article in Romanian about the conference:
Care au fost concluziile workshopului de dezvoltare organizațională, Conferința de diseminare a proiectului “Parteneriat în sprijinul dezvoltării domeniului resurselor umane”, joi, 10 iunie 2010, hotel Pullman?

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