TV Ads

I watched some ads while living in the UK.

They were not pleasant to watch, but, still, they were rather nice.

I watch almost every year some ads from the Super Bowl.

I don’t like them too much, but, again, they’re not that bad, either.

And here comes the ads from the televisions in Romania.

There are some things on the TV which are worth watching – news, some TV shows.

But the ads that interrupt them make viewing almost impossible.

It’s hard for me to imagine how can I watch a movie on the TV.

The movie can be good, but watching the movie interrupted by ads makes it a poor experience.

And some ads are really aggressive and are around products that are sensitive.

This happens everywhere, but in Romania it’s a bit too much for my taste.

James Vaughan - story-of-a-star
James Vaughan – story-of-a-star,
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