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Trainings with Jim BAGNOLA in November in Cluj Napoca and Bucharest

I’ve written about Jim BAGNOLA some time ago:
Jim BAGNOLA – the best trainer I’ve seen„.

Great news! He’ll be back in Romania this autumn.

There are two training courses – 17th of November in Cluj-Napoca and 24th of November in Bucharest.

He will launch his new book:
„How to Become a Professional Human Being”.

The course is addressed to managers and entrepreneurs who wish to bring a change in the organization they are part of.

Together with Jim BAGNOLA, the participants will identify the best attitudes and strategies for organizational change.

Main subjects:

  • How to identify what we can control;
  • What to do so that we use what we can’t control;
  • Internal and external aspects of change;
  • Ways to adapt to the new situations;
  • Impact of change to the health of a person and of an organization;
  • Methods on identifying blocking patterns;
  • How to face unfulfilled expectations;
  • Methods of eliminating the need for help;
  • New methods on having a predisposition for ideas;

More details on
Jim BAGNOLA Romanian web site.

PS: I’ve also written about Jim here:

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