Tips for going to the seaside


  • The water can be hot / warm enough / cold.
    • In the morning, it’s generally cold, even in the hot days of summer.
    • In the evening, it is generally warm enough.
    • It has to be very hot outside for the water to be actually very good for me.
  • There can be algae.
    • In the morning, you have plenty of chance of not seeing any algae.
  • There can be Medusa:
    • They sting, at times (rarely).
    • They are unpleasant to touch.
  • There can be noises.
    • From music on the beach.
  • There can be people with ski jets.
    • A bit worrisome.
  • The water can be calm / so and so / very agitated.
    • Wind does a lot of agitation of the water.
    • In the morning, the water tends to be calm.
    • When the water is agitated, sometimes it gets colder the following days.

You know when you like the sea when each time you go swimming, you make little wrinkles on the fingers.


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