Tip for hosting / domain providers / sellers

Let’s say you’re a company selling hosting services. Or you’re a company selling domain names. This article has a tip for you.

The tip goes like this – create your domain selling page or hosting page in such a way that I, an agency, can tell my clients how to easily fill out a form. The best solution for this is to have an option to do all the steps at once. Give me a URL to which I can point my clients so that when they visit that URL, I can tell them what to fill in each page.

The alternative is seen on many providers of such services – they offer multi-step checkout. This might work if you’re handling things on yourself, but if you someone told you what to do, it’s easier to do the process in a single step, be it a long form.

I once met a person, with very high education at top schools (including one from an IT-focused University) who asked me what do they need to know when buying a domain name on GoDaddy (at that point, they had – what I consider to be an intentional – very complicated multi-step checkout, with a lot of upselling offerings; buy this, buy that! no wonder the person I talk about was confused).

I would even consider creating a link on my homepage – „Are you an agency (reseller)?”. If the answer is positive, I would consider:

a. Allowing the agency to fill-in some data for the client (What is the domain name? What are the nameservers? Will the client pay by transfer order, PayPal, SMS or card? And other questions that I might be able to answer for the client, and the client would only need to confirm these).

b. Allow the agency to create comments for the fields (so, the client would still need to answer all the fields, but the agency could give some tips).

Matt Montagne – Moodle Server, https://flic.kr/p/5W2pBT

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