About „The Gentlemen” (2020)

I just saw „The Gentlemen” (2020).

Some ideas?

  • Very good play of actors, graphics, music.
  • The suspense was at a high level, kept me on my chair waiting for the next scene.
  • A small detail – I liked that in this movie when someone doesn’t pay attention 100% something bad happens. If you’re not engaged, you pay for this.
  • The movie was, to me, not as smart as „Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” (1998), as it was more complicated and harder to understand. Also, I really liked Brad Pitt in „Snatch” (2000) In here, I wasn’t attached to any character.
  • The only downside? It was a purely, 100%, totally, and a bit :)) absolutely logical movie. There were emotions in the movie, actors were living and immersing in it, the script and play had suspense, but other than making me laugh one time, I didn’t have any other emotion.
  • I give the movie a grade of 10, with the disappointment of emotions.

The gentlemen 2020 poster

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