Fortune favours the bold

There is a saying: “Fortune favours the bold” / “Fortuna audaces iuvat”.

What this means for me are two things:

  • You tend to solve some things in life by not caring about the less important things; when you want to start a business, you put some things in your imagination – “I’ll need this and this”; but, after a while, you might see that some of the things you thought were important for you, in practice were really not that important;
  • Another thing – some things solve by themselves; you start a business, you worry about A, B, and C; while A and B will prove a real thread, C might solve by itself.

The “7 years of bad luck” are only true if you think they are.

Olaf Arndt - 7 years .. oh god !!! 😳
Olaf Arndt – 7 years .. oh god !!! 😳,
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