10,000 € awards for programmers expected at TechFest hackathon connected by Vodafone

  • 10,000 € total awards at Mega hackathon;
  • 6 topics announced for MegaHack.

Saturday, September 22, MegaHack competition will start within TechFest connected by Vodafone, the most complex technology festival, in which enrolled programmers can win prizes in total amount of 10,000 €. The winning team will receive 5,000 € and the ones on the following places will receive 3,000 € and 2,000 € respectively.

MegaHack consists of a 24-hour programming marathon in which participants will test their skills to solve business challenges by developing tech solutions for companies.

The topics proposed by Vodafone România and Innoenergy are:

    • A functionality over the shopping cart of the Vodafone website (vodafone.ro/shop/ui/cart/shoppingcart.jsp), based on a list of phone stocks of all Vodafone stores and geographic coordinates of Vodafone stores in Bucharest. A first functionality to be developed has to identify the closest store that has in stock a required phone and another one to provide directions to reach that store.
    • An application that allows remote signing of contracts with customer identity certification. The functionality must include facial identification and scanning of ID, and based on these, the identity certification.
    • An augmented reality application whereby the customer can compare (virtually) his/her own phone with any other phone available on the market (functionality must be demonstrated by comparing with at least 5 phones). The comparison should allow 360º viewing, screen size, and button / camera positioning. Colors and material must be realistically represented.
    • An application that allows a person at any retail point to identify a product (mobile phone) on the shelf and direct to the page in the Vodafone online store with that product. Identification must be possible both by processing the image of that phone and by processing the barcode.
    • How to tackle smog in the cities with new technologies.
    • How to empower public authorities to support innovation ecosystem in order to promote entrepreneurship.

Signing up is free of charge and can be done individually here. Minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

During the event an IBM workshop regarding the Node-Red usage will be also organised. The projects will be uploaded here on devpost platform. Contestants will bring their own workstations (laptops, chargers, peripherals etc.).

During the competition, the teams will have constant support from skilled mentors from Vodafone România and IBM. For the winners’ selection, participants will have 5 minutes to pitch their solutions on using their laptop. Find out more about assignments, rules, regulation and sing-ups here.


Contact: techfest.ro/

TechFest vision is to create a global marketplace for companies, innovative start-ups and technology fans. The technology festival aims to bring together the needs of the business community and the energy and start-ups’ energy and capability to generate innovation, providing access to the common vision of professionals and educating the general public on technology

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