The faults of spirituality-seeking

I put people into boxes. A quote from Rand Fishkin („Stereotyping becomes mathematically more dangerous the more people you meet.” » – by Olivian Breda):

„Stereotyping becomes mathematically more dangerous the more people you meet.”

See some articles on the boxes I put on people:

It actually all started with Orthodoxy:


I know people who are interested into the spiritual things. From Yoga to shamanism, from various religions to angel philosophies, from Eastern spirituality to Western one. OK, so what’s the fault of spirituality?

I found it just recently. It’s thinking you are better than other people because you’re into spirituality. If you read all day about politeness, if all the people around you are polite, if you live by following politeness, you start thinking you are a polite person. But a polite person is better than an impolite person, right? Thus, you must be better than other people, those impolite ones, right? This „I-am-above-everyone-else” philosophy leads only into problems:

  • You start to be humble to some people (the gurus in spirituality), while being arrogant to others.
  • You treat fellow people as below you.
  • You seek only pleasure, not long-term happiness, although you claim otherwise.

To me, a good model in spirituality is the Romanian traditional person I see in this clip. It’s half-courage, half-humility. It’s a balance between the two. She works for long-term happiness, no quick pleasures.

The actual solution is to have (some) humility with others and (more) courage in asking things from yourself. If you are polite, you do just that. But then, it’s easy to consider yourself worth of something, and start mixing things up.

The trouble is, you can always find reasons for which you will be entitled to do evil (Închisoarea și libertatea în filme » – by Olivian Breda). The logic goes, „for the better good, I will sacrifice some good deed and focus on doing wrong”. Not-so-good thinking.

Is all spirituality-seeking evil? Should you not do yoga, should you avoid going to church and so on? No, but you should know that there is a tendency that more spirituality will do you actually more evil than good.

P.S.: So, what’s the solution to the proble in this article? See this article:

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