Some thoughts after a workshop on interpreting dreams

Some thoughts on psychotherapy, after a workshop.

  • I perceive little emotions – I was a bit surprised to find that, in my dreams, I perceive only one emotion: fear. Last night I had a dream in which I wasn’t afraid. So, how was I? I don’t know. Neutral, to say. But, I had no emotion, happy, sad, anger, peaceful, relaxed, annoyed, amused, intrigued (not all of these are emotions). Then I looked at my entire life, and somehow I noticed that, in general, I don’t perceive very well my emotions. Sometimes I’m told I’m annoyed by something. I almost never notice when I act as I’m annoyed. I notice tiredness, but not being upset. What I do notice is this – excited or casual. Happy or casual. That’s pretty much it. In general, I don’t perceive a lot of my own emotions. Happy, laughing, excited – this are pretty much perceivable, because I manifest somehow (smiling, laughing, acting fast). But sadness? This is trickier. Much trickier.
  • On a conscious level (thoughts, actions which I can notice) I tend to ignore my own being, and put something else in place – When I speak, I quote X. When I think about something, sometime I ask myself – „What would X do?” I base some decision on other’s actions. I think that I don’t overdo this and, to some point, it may actually be helpful. I currently don’t see this as a problem.
  • I disagree with psychotherapy – Actually, not me. Some more intelligent person (see the point above, about living through other’s perception). At some conference in my past, I’ve heard Michael SHERMER saying something like this: „Psychoanalysis is just as effective as doing nothing (this argument also had some scientific proofs);”. I tried, a few months ago, to look this up, to find some studies about its effectiveness. Didn’t find a conclusive article on the Internet. I’m not that sure about the affirmation. But that guy seemed very sure, and generally he talked little nonsense. And the argument seems valid to me. And I act upon it.
  • Very personal relationships are more effective than psychotherapy – It was said last night (of course, not by some person, but it was very impersonal, the affirmation just floated in the air and it somehow materialized. How can a living person say this?) that you can learn much more from a very personal relationship (like living with someone) than from psychotherapy. (me, kiddingly – „So Mr. SHERMER was right!”)
  • People tend to be fascinated, according to Jung (I think, I may quote in a wrong way) by what they don’t have – OK, I’ll look into this. Up to some point, I agree, but not wholeheartedly (emotion!).

On a personal note (noooooooooooo!), after last night’s session, I feel more relaxed. Much more.

P.S.: as I earlier said, I can learn much more from such a session than from a non-intriguing one. You can look at SEO and think: „Hmm, to do better SEO, you must attend SEO classes.” I mean, really, who learns to do better SEO by going to dream interpreting workshops and others as such? Well, I think I can learn from this than from an SEO class. I need both, but don’t ever discount the power of uncomfortable thinking patterns session (I was not in my territory).

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