Some thoughts on theater

On 2011.07.22, I took part to a play: “A midsummer night’s dream” by William SHAKESPEARE. The event was part of Școală de vara de Actorie (acting summer camp) by Calea Victoriei foundation. Photos from the event.

Some thoughts about theater, from the event:
– Sometimes, it’s more important that I am in front of an audience than the message I wish to send;

– You have within in you all the states you wish to have;

– In theatrical plays, it’s more important „why?” you say something, rather than „how?” do you say it;

– If you try, on purpose, to be very funny – you aren’t that funny anymore;

– When you play, you shouldn’t exaggerate; yes, express yourself, but don’t overdo it;

– If you don’t yell as much as you could, you will only lose the fun you would have if you would scream;

– Simple can be so deep;

– As an actor, you can’t be De Niro, but you can be in the way you imagine De Niro to be;

– The actor discovers new things, interprets the original text by himself;

– If an actor doesn’t change, he only has a minor role in the play; the main characters in a play develop / change; in a play, you change – analyze this!

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