The always-to-consider solution for when you’re asked something you’re not 100% into – friction & commitment

Let’s say someone asks you a favor.

  • “Hire me!”
  • “Teach me X!”
  • “Get me into the masters!”
  • “Give me object Y!”.

You want to help, but you would prefer investing in helping someone you know is committed. One possible solution would be to refuse the person – “Look, it’s better for both of us if we don’t do so”. What might an even better solution be?

Ask for a commitment.

  • “You want to get hired? Sure. But, first, work for one month doing the most boring things for us, without being paid, then for two more months doing less-boring stuff, and only with poor pay, and after three months we’ll see. Are you committed?”.
  • “Sure, I can teach you X. But, first, do so-and-so procedure to get acquainted with the process. It’s not complicated, but you need to take a few steps towards it.”.
  • “Great, we can get you into a Master’s Degree. We see that you don’t have either the work experience or some academic background to consider this, but we’ll give you a chance. Get a (paid) class at our Master’s, and strive to be in the top 10%. If you manage to do so, we’ll accept you into the MD”.
  • “OK, I’ll give you object Y, but first you need to prove to me that you have Z ability, and for this, you need to take a course”.


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Rick Bolin - Commited
Rick Bolin – Commited,
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