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Demonstrative blog review: the blog „Son of the Earth”, analyzed piece-by-piece

Hey, in this blog post I analyze, with its good and its things to improve, the blog „Son of the Earth„.


+It’s very nice that at the bottom of the page you have given the viewers something to see even more – the recent posts and the recent comments; well done;

1. Your subscription to Toate Blogurile (all of the blogs) is taking valuable screen estate, and it brings, little value, in my opinion;
2. The web site renders poorly in FireFox (see the footer and the Google search areas in the screenshot above); this is a big problem, FireFox is one of the two most popular browsers worldwide;


+The search box is in the upper-right corner, great job;
+You’ve kept the mention for WordPress and theme authors, which is a nice thing to do;
1. I’d also add the option of subscribing via email;
2. Looking at your archives:

I see that this is a blog on which you haven’t posted too many things, I’d find a solution to fix this;
3. Although I see that the link in the blogroll leads to a different web site, it’s a bit odd to see a link to my own blog:

4. I lack to see the use of a visitors box:

5. Two search boxes, one powered by Google and an internal one? Why this need?


+I like the use of diacritics, a welcome surprise;
1. If I were you, I’d translate the theme into Romanian;
2. Why did you name a list of recent posts as „Recent Post”, instead of „Recent posts”?

Structure of information

+You have a relatively simple blog, easy to comprehend;
1. To me, the calendar option is pretty useless, I’d take it down;
2. The Admin option:

is irrelevant, it’s not useful to me as a viewer, only to you as the blog administrator; why keep it, then?

The header area

+The image is very nice to watch, it comforts me to see those little children angels;

1. I’m not sure if this was your intention or not, but the title „Son of the Earth” reminds me of „Son of the …” [ahem];
2. If you have this quote:
„Scrie, deci, cele ce ai văzut şi cele ce sunt şi cele ce au să fie după acestea.”,
my suggestion is to write the exact source of the items, with chapter and verset;
3. I find the colors a bit dull;
4. None of the little angels seems to be looking exactly at the quote; and the quote doesn’t seem to be addressed to them;
5. I would look for a header image with a more profound meaning than just two angels looking at something; or, perhaps it’s me who doesn’t get the meaning, it may be so;

The about page

+It’s a very nice message that you send using the About page, cool thing to read;
1. Comma missing:
„personala iar”;
2. I would put on this page more information about the writer of the blog, the blog’s history, some values and principles behind the blog, what I will find in the future, some types of messages I should expect to read;
3. A picture of yourself is worth, in this context, 1,000 words;
4. How about some contact information?

A, day that never was

+The quote at the beginning of the page is very nice to read; congratulations!
1. Poor comma positioning:
„adresez ,în”;
2. Bad article usage:
„unul de primăvara”;
3. Poor comma spacing: ” , „;
4. Poor spacing:
5. The image in the blog post is resized using HTML resize, which is a poor choice; you should resize the image using other methods;

A random blog post

+The share button is a very welcome add-on to the page;
1. I like that for the „Email Address” you specify: „(Remains Private)”, but i’d also mention if it’s mandatory or not;
2. In the URL you also specify the day in which a blog post was published; while this is not necessarily bad, I’d avoid doing so, since it brings little relevance;
3. How about having a link for subscribing to the RSS feed regarding the comments of each blog post?

Bottom line: the blog Son of the Earth is a very useful blog, with a good quality content.

Last modified on: 2015.02.16, at: 09:21.

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