On Smallfoot (2018)

I’ve seen Smallfoot (2018). Impressions?

  • Naïve script. I can’t say it was all bad, but, all-in-all, I didn’t like the script. Very little creativity.
  • I didn’t connect with the characters. It all seemed fake.
  • Whenever a problem occurred, a lot of times the solution was to insist, instead of coming with an ingenious idea.
  • I understand fiction, and I get that some things are not like in a documentary or real-life. Still, seeing incredible coincidences made the movie unrealistic. A few times, incredible coincidences occurred in the movie.
  • I had almost no emotion, not even laughter.
  • The songs? Some of them spoke about the main plot of the movie, but it wasn’t easy to see it as a problem, it all seemed natural, the problem looked just fine, not wishing to change it. Others were simply poor.
  • The graphics were fine.
  • On another hand, by trying to come up with brand new and creative characters implied, in this movie, that they looked strange. Not necessarily bad, but most of them not very enjoyable.
  • Outside of graphics, I didn’t like the movie. 7 out 10.

Smallfoot (2018)

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