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Note: The current article has been written more than 3 years ago!

Below, some thoughts, too small to make an entire article by themselves.

  • The communication on Skype is never the same as face-to-face communication.
  • There are two types of NGOs – ones which put emphasis on the giver (“I do NGO activities for me to feel good”) and other ones, which put emphasis on the receiver (“I do some sacrifices so that others do better”). It’s very hard to have results with the first types of NGOs.
  • In “Jesus’ Parables” book, Andrei Pleșu says something similar to: you create your neighbor when you help that person. You can create the relationship with another human being when you help her/him.
  • Once, this happened to me: I was at one of my first jobs in my lifetime. There was a problem at the toilet, a problem anyone could fix with a bit of creativity. No one solved it. I thought I should get external help. I called some person, and that person asked me: “Why don’t you solve it yourself?”. Lesson learned. If you can solve it yourself, don’t wait for external providers.
  • When you get to a job interview just 5 minutes before start, not 15, you already lost something.
  • How to solve the problem of rroma people? Not to force them to adapt to the Western way of thinking, but to provide education, and have a customized solution for them. Don’t assimilate them, but integrate them. Different thing.
  • Și în uk am văzut oameni ascuns – cariere în banci. Ib resy, oamenii stau în picioare toată ziua și vin ei spre tine când ai o întrebare pe fata. Politicosi, amabili, uneori glumeti.
  • Videos vs. Text: When you have a video article, you force the viewer to watch all of your ideas. You make it watch from one end to the other. When you have an article, the viewer chooses whether to read just the headlines, just the conclusion, just the bullet points. That’s why texts written for online have usually a different form than those for print – the online reader has the habit of skimming (speed reading).
  • Where to buy fouet for shaving from? A practical tip – don’t buy it. It tends to hold bacteria, since it’s wet, and it’s not much more advantage compared to just using your hand to spread shaving foam.
  • When you buy a wireless keyboard, remember it has a lag, which might make it less useful.
  • When you need to buy something cheaper than the usual price, you generally have two options: look for a discounted price on your product, sold as new, or buy a used one. The first option is recommended by me.
  • When you meet an error in WordPress, you should Google it and go from link to link, trying to solve it.
  • I tend to criticize people, but I don’t like it when others do the same with me. (less so in the past few months)
  • If you’re in the real estate business, I will present you a niche which you might have unknowingly ignored: people who want a very solid building or, perhaps, the opposite – a very flexible one, to withstand an earthquake. There will likely be people willing to pay a premium for extra-safety.
  • How to leave a Dropbox shared account? One way is to delete everything within the folder and then uninstall. This will likely annoy a lot of persons, since, when you do so, you will also delete the folders in other people’s Dropbox accounts. The best way? Log off your account and only then delete the folder and (if you wish so) uninstall Dropbox.
  • When you make a video, the most important thing is the self trust, and the emotions you convey, not the message itself. Even if you tell someone about this, that person will still pay more attention to the message, not to the emotions. Which is, of course, wrong.
  • Why should you have two cards? Because, for various reasons, one might not work. Also, try to have both a VISA and a MasterCard one.
  • If you want to download a large file from the Internet, the best solution is to use a browser like Google Chrome or using a download manager like Internet Download Manager.
  • If you organize a wedding, you could ask the future participants to send you some song requests. Don’t necessarily fill them all, but partially – yes. Also, just informing people before hand of elements like the audio playlist can help.
  • How to buy a laptop in the range of 6-800 USD? Buy another one in the range of 5-700 USD and with the difference buy yourself an SSD and either sell or use the hard drive in a separate setup.
  • There shouldn’t be a generic thing “I want a web site”. Things should differ, based on the things which I need, not want. I might want a web site with a contact form, but perhaps a direct call button would bring me more results.
  • When you do a work which is understood by others very easily, it’s hard to do selling at a higher price. It’s hard to tell why X is a better counselor than Y, with Y’s prices being 50% lower. Same for other jobs, like copywriting, photography or other jobs like this. In engineering and IT, and other technical jobs, it’s much harder to know the value of X compared to Y, so it’s likely for X to get a higher salary easier.
  • There are some things which are better done with a teacher (how to play an instrument), and others you need to do by yourself (most computer tasks).
  • How to buy something? It’s very OK to ask the seller for a recommendation. Especially when it comes to food items, even fashion.
  • Sometimes, I hear this: “I’ve read your email, but haven’t done anything about it”. The thought which comes to mind is “But it was a 2 minutes task!”.
  • When waiting, avoid doing anything but wait, like reading, playing with your phone, etc. You’ll make a mistake in the discussion and you would lose more than if you pay attention to the task. It’s much more efficient to pay attention to the discussion and be a bit bored than to focus for a few minutes on something else and lose focus on the main task. So, when you’re in a queue for a few minutes, stay on the queue with your mind, not on the phone. Pay attention to what will happen next, not to your phone. It may seem that you will be able to switch your attention easily, but this rarely ever happens.
  • I look with envy at people still buying books. I bought some books during my life, but right now I’m reading on Kindle PaperWhite and feeling good about it. But when I look at people buying books, I get a bit jealous.
  • If you watch other people working, you will get some ideas on how to work better yourself. :)
  • One medical person I know, while working as a service provider for their hospital, told me that in her opinion some people put their thoughts in writing better, while others express themselves better by speaking. She told me I am better with writing.
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