Small thoughts

Below, various thoughts.

  • The cheapest cost when you go out – Sometimes, when you go out in the city, you want to spend as little as possible. The cheapest cost when you go out – Sometimes, when you go out in the city, you want to spend as little as’s say plain water costs 2 Euros, and a beer 3 Euros. You should look at the price of the beer not as 3 Euros, but as the difference between beer and water, which is 1 Euro.
  • The mobile phone developers should focus on explaining creative ways to use a mobile phone. Apple used to do this, they had various advertisements in which they showed how peope played music, or used the phones/tablets in creative ways. Google used to do this, but at a smaller scale.
  • In my opinion pretty much evertyhig about digital marketing and IT can be learned by online courses.
  • I think you’ll like Romania more for its wilderness side than for its technical / architectural side. And people are like this – love them or hate them. You’ll love them for being close to you and into your soul, and you might hate them for the same reasons. Latin & Balkan people. :)
  • If you eat meat, you tend to make the animals hurt, and also the planet will suffer.
  • A lot of people have Macs. They tend to be hard to break and both easy to use for regular people, and with very advanced & powerful tools for advanced users.
  • Why is it a bad idea to watch just a few episodes per week from lots of TV series? You will tend to not catch the issue in depth, you will only get a superficial view of the issues.
  • When you have an online shop, and you ask people for login or register, you should always send the person to the page they were visiting, after the login/register.
  • When someone accuses you, you have two options – you accept responsibility, you defend and ask for apologies, or you blame others, attack the person and not the issue and you don’t agree in being accountable. I would advise in using the first option in most of the situations.
  • When you are asked, at a job interview, about the salary, ask them – what’s your salary range, what do you offer on the low end, what do you offer on the high end, say you will do research and email them with the range you are best fitted with.
  • Does it matter if your legal name for your company is different than the name of the brand? I think that for quite a few of brands, big or small, the commercial name differs from the financial name. But that is generally only viewed in financial documents, Contact or About Us pages. You can have it different, if you manage to give the customer enough confidence to trust your brand.
  • In shows like “America’s got talent” the cutting of scenes is very abrupt and sudden. You don’t have time for breathing. You want to see a work of art, and all you see is the jury, this is not fine.
  • Following proverbs is not OK as a general attitude in life. You should analyze each situation by its own standard. Yes, it’s OK to know the history, how others acted, what’s the general wisdom about a certain situation. But, at the end of the day, you need to analyze each situation by its own standard.
  • The best events in Bucharest – people tend to give you everything about the events – all the shows, all the festivals. What they lack is good filtering (just some types of shows), and subscribing to those filters. I should be able to subscribe to events about Arts, Philosophy and Dancing. I can’t, it’s either the best events in all categories or all the events. I can’t subscribe to all events in just a few categories. The event organizers should also link to reviews, this rarely, if ever, happens. Linking out doesn’t hurt your web site, I dare to say it helps it.
  • Big strategy tip – take the leap, and then see what follows. Are you offered a big promotion? Say yes, and then see how it goes. Do you get a big offer in another city? Go, and then see what happens.
  • Alexandru-Ioan Cuza ruled Romania at a time (part of it, actually). He used to go incognito on visits around the country. He would dress in regular clothing, and get the pulse of the city. Beautiful strategy, it should be carried out more.
  • You can have a good memory, a good ability to connect the dots, and yet not have the will to act. It’s a shame.
  • From which people should you avoid buying things on the Romanian market? Watch out for prices which have been previously been hidden from the counters via some bumper stickers. If they put a bumper sticker on the price / kg, in order to hide a price like 6.9 lei, instead of 6.0 lei, the bumper stickers will leave a mark on the counter. You should avoid buying products from those sellers. Also, don’t buy from a Romanian market with a large bill (50 lei +). Aim for paying with bills as close as the actual price as you can.
  • Life is mostly about traumas, that’s it; either I insist, I push things, or I look for an aytpical solution; but, in the end, it’s just traumas, for good or worse.
  • What’s a good career tip? Seth Godin suggests, or inspires, people to take the leap. Are you offered a new promising, but insecure, job opportunity? Are you offered a job in the big city? Are you offered a scolarship at a big University, but in a different country? Say yes, and see how things adjust to the situation, don’t adjust yourself to the situation. First take the step, and only then see how this fits the life.
Tony Armstrong-Sly - Porth Nanven
Tony Armstrong-Sly – Porth Nanven,

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