How to search for exact Skype ID, not Skype name?

Let’s say you want to search for someone on Skype, and that person gives you his/her Skype ID. You search for it. The trouble is, if that person has a name which is common, you will get lots of results. How do you know, when having the exact ID of a person, which of the names in the list are the ones you are looking for?

I found the solution online.

Malthe Sigurdsson - What is Skype?,
Malthe Sigurdsson – What is Skype?,

When you search by skype ID, it appears that the first listing is the exact match of the skype ID.  But, if you are like me, you want to know for sure.  If you simply double click the contact, it will open in the chat window, and again, shows the skype name, which could be duplicated.  However, from the search window, if you right click on the user name, a menu will come up, and you can “View Profile”.  This will not give much info, but the “Skype Name” listed there is the skype ID, not the display name, and now you can verify that you did find the right Skype user with the exact skype ID that you are looking for.  You can also pull up this same menu from the chat window if you right click at the top where the contact name is listed. (source & details »)

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