Skin in the game

I like the „Skin in the Game” concept by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

How to apply this to the job market (an idea which, partially, I got from the author)?

  • It’s OK to be in a company (multinational, small business, etc.), as long as you want to grow from there – client-side.
  • Even better – work in an agency that exposes you to lots of situations. Or a job with lots of different projects.
  • Even better – be a freelancer.
  • Better – have your own digital agency.

There is a very large company in Romania doing eCommerce. Is it good to work for them? Yes. Are there better options? There sure are! It’s better, in my opinion, for a lot of career options to be a freelancer or work in an agency. At eMAG, you’ll likely be facing similar issues after a while; on the other hand, in an agency, you’ll meet lots of projects.

Also, should you work in an agency? Yes, that’s fine, but if you can, it’s even better to be a freelancer or start your own agency.

On the other hand, in my opinion, you should start within a system. So, don’t jump directly to start an agency, but work for someone else at first.

So, if you’re just getting started, work for eMAG, work for an agency. Do something like this in the beginning.

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