Simple vs. Simplicity

Some people confuse a simple product with simplicity.

WordPress, without any plugins, has all kinds of menus. But once you post a message, edit a page, and go through the menus, it’s pretty intuitive. Even if it has a complex interface, it’s also, generally, easy to understand.

Revolut is simple, but it requires a lot of steps to register, too. But, at the end of the day, it’s a simple product, even if it lacks simplicity.

Apple products – sometimes they have simplicity, but most of the time they are simple.

A form done with Typeform – the same.

You can have a simplistic app, that’s easy.

But to do something simple, it takes a lot of research.

WordPress, Revolut, Apple, Typeform – they all probably invest a lot of time and resources to make something simple to use.

Google looks simplistic on the homepage, but once you start searching, you realize the very advanced algorithms behind it. It’s probably the most advanced technology on Earth, currently. More complex than sending rockets to space, or predicting weather.

Karon Elliott Edleson - A simple curve....
Karon Elliott Edleson – A simple curve….,
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