About the notion of SEO Spam

I consider some of the SEO spam to be an irrelevant subject.


There are three parties involved:

  • Google. From their perspective, everything which doesn’t follow their rules, maybe SPAM.
  • The visitor. Considers to be SPAM some things, for others – not.
  • The web site owner. Wants nothing to be considered as SPAM.

From my perspective, the visitor should not be focused on SEO SPAM done on a web site, but which doesn’t affect the viewership. So, if a web site owners decides to still use meta keywords tag, and actually SPAM this tag, it’s his problem.

I don’t see why anyone would accuse a business – „You do internal SEO SPAM with those internal keywords”. In my opinion, if they’re not clearly visible actions, the visitor should not focus on SEO SPAM.

Practical case – I wrote an article:

Should the visitor of my website care if I put titles and subtitles in h1 and h2 tag or not? Would they be hurt for this? No. OK, in my opinion, then, I am not SPAMming, or, more precise, it is irrelevant whether I SPAM or not for the regular visitor.

Note: in the above article there was no clear intention of SPAM, but I was accused of such.

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3 comentarii la „About the notion of SEO Spam”

  1. Hello Olivian, your point of view is correct but the thing is that, we can’t do anything related to Google rules and regulations. We are actually using the services of Google and in return we have to follow all the rules implied by Google. On the other hand, Google is correct. It is very important to check all the spam activities and if Google will not do so only spammers will get the higher and ultimately Google will have to suffer. Other than this, the H1 and H2 tags are also important, I know that if you doesn’t use them then also it will not look bad but if you are using them then surely viewers will read your content because of its better appearance.

  2. Well, according to me putting keywords in H1, H2 tags and in meta tags isn’t a spam at all. You may call it spam if you are using keywords unnecessarily in the content, which makes no sense. You must not violate any grammar rule just to include your target keyword in content.

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