Selling tip: scarcity sells

Dorin BOERESCU had the following tip at his presentation at GPEC: scarcity sells; you can have different types of rare items:

  • Limited time frame for an offer (buy until 23:59 today!);
  • Limited quantity (only 3 left);
  • Pick your audience (we only sell to …);
  • Unique product (only us, in the whole universe …);
  • Exquisite conditions to get an item (you have to do something, you have to pay a price, you have to put yourself on a waiting list);

Scarcity sells; just have a look at collectible luxury items – you can only buy them for a certain time frame, they are in limited quantity, they are very expensive; lots of conditions to get an item.

Apple sells expensive and unique products (only they …).

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