Usability tip: sort by sales, descending

Have a look at the following four e-shops in Romania:

It strikes me that both Koyos and F64 don’t have the option to sort products based on sales, a function which is the default sorting option on eMAG and PC Garage.

I want to know about a Tamron lens. eMAG doesn’t have it. F64 doesn’t have sorting options.

I want to know which are the top selling products for DSLRs. eMAG has it (default); PC Garage – the same. F64 & Koyos don’t even have this option.

Sure, I can read reviews on the net, but this would be a much better option – to see top sales, compared one-by-one. The reviews I read are sometimes old, they don’t take into account all the factors, and I’m also pretty sure that a lot of buyers know more about specific IT categories than I do. I trust other people’s judgement.

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