Follow-up: About Re:Seminar #2 – Affiliate marketing on blogs, 2009.09.24, Orange Concept Store

Hello, on 24th of September 2009, I took part to Re:Seminar #2 – Affiliate marketing on blogs, at Orange Concept Store, Bucharest. Here’s a follow-up.

You can see some photos I made at the event:
[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”100050990853086188413″ ualb=”5939857673354027377″ imgl=”fancybox” style=”wall” row=”4″ size=”640″ num=”100″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]

And also I’ve made a video with Radu SPINEANU’s speech and with Eugen POTLOG’s.

Some ideas I wrote down:
– Who are the most important players in a transaction?
a. The provider (it offers a product);
b. The affiliate (he places an ad on his web site);
c. The user (buys from the provider by following the ad on the affiliate’s web site);
– eMag profit share – an affiliate marketing system;
– eMag comission is 3%;
– there are 30 days for one buyer to actually buy a product;
– all the products are in the store of the provider, so they can be bought with ease;
– having lots of banners on a web site does not guarantee multiplication of revenues with each added banner;
– you should consider a larger banner, rather than a lot of small banners;
– the quality of your web site traffic (who visits your web site) matters to the impact of the ads;
– rather than passively wait for visitors to click your banners, you should rather write blog posts related to the advertised products;
– does a good job;
– SEM (Search Engine Marketing) works great with affiliate systems;

See Eugen POTLOG’s presentation.

See Radu SPINEANU’s presentation.

See other event coverage at (with interviews with the speakers), swamp,, Sorin RUSI, concediază-ţi şeful, duveanu.

That’s it.

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