How to remember things? Practical procedure

How to remember things when I’m having fun doing something else, with a recall system?

I might have already written about this, but perhaps I forgot.

This summer, one day, when I was at the beach, I thought of some things:

First, I thought I would like to know how the sea looks like before going to the beach, so I’ll open each time I go to the seaside a website with a webcam with the Black Sea. So, I formed an image with the shore.

Then, I thought of one thing about a monastery. There was an image of a monastery.

Afterward, I thought of some things in the fridge. There were more memos with this, but they were easy, and not that important.

Now, things started to get complicated when I thought I should visit a friend in Năvodari. At this point, there were 3 + 1 things to remember (Sea, Monastery, Fridge, Friend). I thought of a Map in Năvodari, with all the things, and I could put all 4 things on a sort of a square (more or less, my mind is very flexible with this).

Then I thought I should write about this process, as I currently do. So, I added to the square a top (as in meta-level cognition), and it was now a pyramid.

Then, I thought that at my grandparents we need a special mobile network at my grandparents from my mother’s side. So, there was now a Pyramid and a Map of my Grandparent’ house.

Then I thought of a thing in the past, and while the Pyramid was the present, I added something in the bottom to make it another Pyramid, with the past.

The thing is, by doing the above process, it was much easier to know what I had to remember.

Also, while it is certainly possible that I forget some associations, it’s not that likely as forgetting to do a thing altogether.

Sometimes, when I forget an association, I think of other things. „Oh, there was a fridge. What were the tasks for the fridge?”. And this process helps me discover new things about the fridge.

J Swanstrom (Never enough time...) - Memory Without Emotion
J Swanstrom (Never enough time…) – Memory Without Emotion,
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