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Follow-up: Reinforcement Learning & AI Progress Panel #DL #ML #NLP – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (2018.10.25, Impact Hub)

It was a sterling 10th Meetup Edition by Bucharest.AI, where AI practitioners with extensive experience teamed up to share from their progress to date.

Reinforcement Learning is learning what to do – what action to take in a specific situation – in order to maximize some type of reward. It’s one of the most promising areas of Machine Learning today. It plays an important part in some very high-profile success stories of AI, such as mastering Go, learning to play computer games, autonomous driving, autonomous stock trading, and more. Expect an introduction the main theoretical and practical aspects of Reinforcement Learning, discuss its very distinctive set of challenges, and explore what the future looks like for self-training machines.

AI Progress Panel benefited from the knowledge sharing from the fields of Deep Learning for RecSys, NLP, ML, ML Models for NLP, time series analysis and a lot more.

Speakers: Alexandra Petruș (Opening), Raoul Adalbert (Reinforcement Learning), Sorin Pește (An Overview of Reinforcement Learning), Andrei Vlacu (A real-life application: Using Tensorflow in the esports industry). Panel: Sergii Khomenko, Krzysztof Suwada, Oleksandr Zakharchuk, Christian Merkwirth – AI Progress, moderated by Sorin Pește.

Below, photos from the event, some slides and a video recording of the event.

Video recording:

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Photos – Facebook album »

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Presentation #1: A real-life application: Using Tensorflow in the esports industry, by Andrei Vlacu, Delivery Manager QUALITANCE# (ONLINE VIEW »)

Presentation #2: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning from Sorin Peste


  • 19:20 – 19:25 – Opening from the community organizers
  • 19:25 – 20:00 – An Overview of Reinforcement Learning, by Sorin Peşte, Technology Solutions Professional, Data & AI, @Microsoft
  • 20:00 – 20:15 – A real-life application: Using Tensorflow in the esports industry, by Andrei Vlacu, Delivery Manager QUALITANCE#
  • 20:15 – 20:45 – AI Progress Panel with:
    • Sergii Khomenko – Lead Data Scientist at Stylight | Founder at Hacking Machine Learning;
    • Krzysztof Suwada – Data Scientist Brainly;
    • Oleksandr Zakharchuk – Google Developer Expert ML |Advising startups on applying deep learning for RecSys and NLP;
    • Christian Merkwirth – ML Engineer at Luxoft/NAUTO & Google Developer Expert@ML.

See a live video from the event ».

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