Red 2 (2013) – very cool movie!

Warning: spoiler alert!, you might want to see the movie first, prior to reading this.
I’ve just seen Red 2 (2013) – IMDb. Very cool movie. More details?

red 2

What was good?

  • They take lots of movie clichés and manage to twist them or at least make them funny (when they hit with bullets exactly in the weapons of others for lots of time it’s not credible anymore, but it is funny).
  • Very cool thing, not seen elsewhere – they change competition to partnership (and, then, friendship). Cool.
  • In spy movies, they focus on short term, casual, relationships. In here, it’s marriage and long term.
  • Very cool escape methods, when there’s a problem the main characters escape in unusual ways.
  • You get to connect things in your mind, to link A to B. Nice.
  • You get to see real life impressions of people in front of killing. It’s not something abstract, it’s not from a professional, you get real life feed-back.
  • New & ingenious things (at least to me) – the toilet thing, bomb falling from skies.
  • In a typical movie, the kiss is quick. In here, it is so voluptuous, it becomes a bit gross.
  • Very funny, I laughed a lot.
  • At times, gigantic weapons, lots of bullets. Intense pleasure. :)
  • Fetishes, it makes you look different at love.
  • In most action movies, you ask yourself – how would a man act? In this movie, you get perspective on women’s mind.
  • Lots of humanity and, despite being an action movie, lots of care.
  • New kind of chases and races.
  • The killing with two guns from the car was great!

What could be improved?

  • The bullets going through things were unrealistic to say the least.
  • When one character is tied to a fridge, he only escapes when he is in more problem, when he is surrounded by lots more people. He should have escaped earlier.

Got to see the first movie now. :)

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