Rank Tracker SEO tool review – part of SEO PowerSuite

In the current blog post, I’ll review Rank Tracker software from SEO PowerSuite, a company which provides all-in-one SEO software & SEO tools. I will also look at the other 3 components of SEO Power Suite.

SEO PowerSuite covers every aspect of an SEO campaign. It has software from rankings to on-page to backlinks.

First, let’s talk about Rank Tracker.

How does it work? Rank Tracker checks Google and Yahoo! rankings for the keywords you set it to.

You need to first setup a campaign, and some software options, and from time to time to run the software. It’s always running on your machine, not on servers, so it’s not cloud-based, but in your machine. Each time you need to update the rankings, you need to run the software. It goes pretty smoothly after the first runs, you will get used to this.

Some features:

  • You can compare your web sites to your competitors.
  • You can make it emulate human searches, so you won’t get banned by search engines.
  • You can setup external proxies, to check up without risking blocking by search engines.
  • You can create personalized and professional reports for your customers.
  • You can connect Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Search Console, to pull up more data from these services and integrate it in a single place.
  • They do very often software updates, so you always have the most recent engine of the software.
  • You can check more than a single domain.
  • Compatible with all the major search engines.
  • Keep track of historical evolution.
  • Good price for value.
  • I got good results with my clients when using it for a few years.
  • For what it does – checking rankings on your computer, not in the cloud, and keeping rankings, I think it’s the best in industry.
  • It has a good user experience.
  • You can set it to run based on a schedule.
  • It can save data in the clouds, on your own Dropbox account or on SEO Power Suite servers.

Let’s take it step by step, with more details.

A video with Rank Tracker:

And 3 others, with various software from SEO Power Suite:



See the whole list of 4 videos: Playlist: SEO PowerSuite review (2017.01.28) – YouTube.

At the launch of the program, it looks for updates, and updates, as necessary. I find there are quite a few updates done once you start using the software, which is a good thing, because search engines also have lots of updates:

The logo of the software, at program startup:

At startup, the software invites you to create a new project, by asking for an URL:

You add the URL and hit next:

Then, you can associate your URL with a Google Analytics / AdWords account:

A confirmation from Google’s part and we’re all set:

The program is good at detecting the correct URL account & profile, but still allows you to pick a different one, if necessary:

I didn’t have any AdWords account for my personal blog:

You have a huge list of search engines to choose from. Try to pick one from the country / countries your web site audience is. I picked Romania, Google and Yahoo! (as you know, there is the same engine running for Bing and Yahoo! search engines, so it’s irrelevant if you add just Yahoo! or you would prefer to add also Bing):

Here the software has automatically downloaded the most relevant keywords for my web site, based on Google Analytics data:

Which are the top engines I prefer to use:

I now go into the settings area:

I will add my own customer data profile:

I fill in the data:

Here the program wants to know if I have other URLs which can be considered part of the same entity:

The program can automatically search for competitors:

For better integration with Yahoo! search engine, I can use their API:

For my purposes, I chose not to go with the standard options here. I opted for 100 results per page, rather than successive searches of 10 results per page. I also chose to look only at the first 50 results, and not to do successive searches. The options I chose are a good compromise between speed of processing and getting relevant data:

Similarly to Google Analytics, I can mark important events in my web site evolution, or SEO algorithms change. For example, after Panda and Penguin were introduced, lots of web sites had different rankings, some up, some down. It’s important to add such SEO news in the software, to be able to better understand why the rankings changed suddenly:

You can add some competitors, and the software can look them up for you:

Google has protection measures against people who abuse the search engine. What should the software do? Inform you there is a code or not? I chose to be informed:

This is the SEO company’s profile, in my case the same as customer profile:

After setup, this is how the dashboard looks like:

I started checking for results on engines:

And this is how the verification page looked like:

The final summary report:

Overview of my domain, compared with others:

Domain strength comparison:

Keywords & rankings comparison:

Ranking evolution:

Social media stats:

Top keywords on Yahoo! search engine:

Publish the report online or save it on the computer:

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