Q&A: What to do if you have a blog on site.com and you want to create a new e-commerce site? Should I add a new domain? Should I move the blog?

(1) Keep the domain as it is for the new ecommerce. Put the ecommerce on site.com.
(2) Move the blog from site.com to site.com/blog
(3) Redirect 301 the old links to the new links.
(4) If you move something, you will likely lose about 30% of link value, even if you do redirection. After a year, you will lose around 40% of the current link value.
(5) Read:

Incase - Our New Site is LIVE!, https://flic.kr/p/G4hmW
Incase – Our New Site is LIVE!, https://flic.kr/p/G4hmW

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