Demonstrative blog review: – design, usability, SEO, copywriting

Hello, in this blog post I’ll analyze blog, regarding its design, usability, SEO and copywriting.

A. Design

+I like that you use a common design theme for all your blog, you have a lot of consistency (also due to WordPress environment):

1. There are far better solutions to include a photo into a blog post than this:

B. Usability

+I like it a lot that in the upper right corner of your blog there is the search function;
1. You mix very high level Linux programming and command console with songs; I’m not sure that I like the combination;
2. The very first category in your blog is „Others”: „Altele (4)”;
I find it hard to like such a category;
3. The search box has no „search” button, I should just type and hit Enter, but how should I know this?
4. To subscribe to your blog I only have the little RSS icon in the browser:

If I were you, I’d also have links to subscribe to the blog; it’s one of the most sought-for actions on a typical blog – subscribing; while visiting your blog I got no reminder to do such a thing;
5. If you wish to know how many subscribers you have, I’d suggest using Google’s FeedBurner for managing your feed;
6. How can I subscribe to your blog via email? I can’t right now, but FeedBurner offers such an option;
7. No „About” page? Who are you, stranger?
8. No „Contact” page? How can I reach you? Comment only? In public?
9. The „Comment” box:

a. You can edit very easily the theme for this text below to stop having double parenthesis:
„Mail (will not be published) (required)”;
b. I would use a simpler captcha if I were you; the commenter hates captchas, you can at least make it simple;
c. I would specify, if I were you, that the web site is optional, it’s not that clear;
10. I’m not sure that this:

is the kind of open source that the Linux community should promote;
11. The footer made me mad:

a. You don’t give any credit, for neither the WordPress CMS (Content Management System), nor the theme creator;
b. You list irrelevant things in the footer: the theme validator (which shows that you have errors while embedding stuff on your blog), and the time it took WordPress to render the page; also irrelevant is the Log in function (who would want, other than you, to login to the web site? If you, and you only, need to login, why show this link to all of the visitors); yet another sign that you are the ruler on this blog – the theme was made by you, you power the blog (and not WordPress CMS), you write pure and lovely pieces of code, you render the page so fast and, finally, you have this Log in link which is only useful to you; all your readers should bow down in face of the all mighty Linux admin; I don’t like this at all;


+You have a very good positioning for the brand name;
1. The title of the blog posts uses this formula:
<title>403 Forbidden » [title of the blog post]</title>
If I were you, I’d put the blog title at the end, after the title of the blog post;
2. I’d put ALT titles for photos in blog posts such as this one;
3. If I were you, I’d make a sitemap.xml and a robots.txt file which links to it;

D. Copywriting

+You have written a lot of texts on this blog;
1. I would prefer that a blog in Romanian is written and translated into Romanian; sure, the visitors familiar with programming language are likely to be very good with English, yet it’s still a Romanian blog;
2. I open the web site and the title tab says this
„403 Forbidden
Access is denied.”
Imagine opening the web site along with other 20 tabs; and I see your tab title which is an error message; my most likely reaction would be: close the tab, since it must surely be problematic;
Also, to me it is very impolite to welcome your visitors with:
„Access is denied.”;
The message is similar to this:
„You know, I have this public blog, which anyone in the world can read openly. Yet, for my pleasure only, access is denied”.
It may a bit funny, but I don’t like the joke that much;
3. There’s a space after this comma which is missing.
„netinstall,si totodata”;
4. Comma missing:
„default am”;
„meu am decis”;
„slabuta care”;
5. Poor usage of words:
„viteza de descarcare mai mari”;
„daca nu stii ce faceti”;
6. This text:
”    *  June 2010 (1)
* May 2010 (1)
* April 2010 (1)
* March 2010 (2)
* February 2010 (1)
* January 2010 (1)
* December 2009 (10)”
Shows me that in the very first month of activity you have written 10 blog posts, and then Poof!, you dropped to 1 or 2 per month; I feel now that you are demotivated to write for me, your reader;
7. I see you don’t use diacritics; too bad, I prefer blogs who do this;
8. Are you sure that „emoticons” is better translated as „Zâmbăreți” and not „emoticoane” or „emoticonuri”?
9. Space missing:
10. I think you should explain what
„client IM”
Also unclear:
„pc-ul personal”;
„stick usb”;
A simple link with explanations of the terms would suffice;
is, for your non-technical readers;
11. My comment – „Huh? Do you speak Romanian?”:
„se pare a fi o probleme”;
12. This makes no sense to your blog readers:
„La rugamintea unui stimat coleg de forum”;
What forum? This is a blog; what do you mean?
13. You use here:
„vizionand acest filmulet”
the wrong way the „a viziona” verb;

Bottom line: blog is a well structured site, with good information and things to improve.

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