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Proving God exists

If you’d find a way to prove God exists, would you present it? I think God doesn’t want itself to be discovered by logic & demonstration, but by faith.

I would tell the world I found God, that’s for sure. But show the demonstration, logically?

I think God is mostly about emotions and love, not a mathematical demonstration.

If such a demonstration would, indeed, be possible, I don’t think I’d agree with it.

I think that if God wanted to give us a big sign, He would have.

Let’s keep our minds small, and have a big leap of faith.

That’s the thing.

Trust, love, a leap of faith. Don’t have these? Don’t do it.

Perhaps I’m wrong, and the solution to the dilemma – „Does God exist?” – is, actually, a paradox.

I’m thinking of a lot of Saints, who were, most likely, almost 100% sure that God exists. What did they do? Did they go to cities and start yelling – „Look, God exists?”. That’s not a good option, in my opinion.

„Ar trebui sa incercam sa traim in asa fel incat, daca s-ar pierde Evanghelia, numai privindu-ne cineva, ea sa poata fi scrisa din nou”. Mitropolitul Antonie al Surojului

Approximate translation – „We should live our lives in such a way that, if the Bible was lost, just by looking at our lives, the Bible could be re-written” – Metropolitan Anthony of Suroj

I think this is more important than trying to persuade others. Live your life as if God exists.

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” — Mahatma Gandhi


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