"Power is taken, not given" (approximate quote by Sandra PRALONG)

At an event organized by Diverta – “De ce m-am întors în România?” (why did I return to Romania?), book launch, Sandra PRALONG said something similar to this: „Power is taken, not given”.

Captain Planet, a cartoon character has a key phrase:

Once his work is done, Captain Planet returns to the Earth, restoring the Planeteers’ powers. When he does this, Captain Planet reminds viewers of the message of the series with his catchphrase, „The Power Is Yours!” (source – Captain Planet and the Planeteers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Well, an adaptation to the phrase would be „Dare to take your own power”. On the other hand, the receivers could say „The power is mine/ours!”, rather than „Thanks for the power, Captain Planet”. :)

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