Follow-up: My camera’s view on a pilgrimage at Stelea, Cetățuia, Nămăiești and Slănic Orthodox monastairies – Pictures and videos (2010.06.19)


On 19th of June I went to Stelea, Cetățuia, Nămăiești and Slănic Orthodox monasteries for a pilgrimage organized by Monica BRÂNDUȘESCU. See the poster of the pilgrimage.

Below you’ll find some photos I took and two videos that I’ve made.

2010.06.19 Orthodox monasteries – Stelea, Cetatuia, Namaiesti si Slanic (see in full-screen)

2010.06.19 St. James Catholic church in Câmpulung (see in full-screen)

2010.06.19 Photos with small animals (see in full-screen)

2010.06.19 Flowers at a pilgrimage (see in full-screen)

2010.06.19 Landscapes in Romania (see in full-screen)

Two videos that I’ve made:

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