Persons helping the church and volunteers within NGOs

There are some people helping with administrative and logistic things around the church, people who offer their time to help with daily tasks.

Some people might envy those persons for being, all the time, close to God.

On another hand, if you carefully look at the situation you might notice that while they’re always busy doing something, they rarely if ever have time to properly listen and pray in the church.

So close, no matter how far.

Same with NGOs.

I know people who dedicate their lives to helping others.

While that’s nice and noble, there are other ways in which you can have an even bigger impact – for example, getting resources doing other activities, and helping society with those resources.

I think working in an NGO is one of the noblest things one can do for others.

Still, there are even better solutions.

Note – I start here with the assumption that all things are equal: one has the same motivation working for an NGO as doing other tasks. If this isn’t the thing, one’s mileage might vary. This is not career advice, it’s just a thought on a possible solution for improving things. At times, my solution might fail.

John - Volunteer Celebration
John – Volunteer Celebration,
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