Buying fruits & vegetables from the supermarket

Until recently, I tended to buy green stuff (vegetables, fruits) from the peasant’s market. After a bit of thinking, I decided:

  •  It’s always OK to buy exotic stuff from the supermarket (I used to do this, already).
  • Buying from peasants gives you a possibility – the fruits & veggies may come from people who don’t do fertilizers.
  • Buying from the supermarket gives you a certainty – you certainly know the origin, and you should know that they generally did things which are legal to the products.

I used to see all of the advantages of a peasant’s market, and none of the supermarket’s. Now I see no reason to avoid buying Romanian grapes from Carrefour. I can buy them from peasant’s market, but I can also buy them from Carrefour. It’s about the same.

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  1. Romanian grapes from Carrefour? You mean the Moldavian black ones? I thought those were lovely!

    I usually buy from the supermarket because it’s cleaner, faster, less stressful and it feels safer. I can think about whatever, like what CSS experiments I’ll try when I get home, what I’ll do the next day and I don’t have to talk to anyone.

    However, I’ve bought things like raspberries or blackberries from the peasant’s market because sometimes they are horrendously expensive in the supermarkets. When you see prices like 32 lei for a tiny box that has somewhere around 100g, you just start thinking that you cannot buy it and thus send a message that it is alright to charge that much.

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