Paying for school

There’s a bit of debate in Romania whether people should contribute to the finances of a school.

We have a thing in Romania called  “fondul clasei” (classroom fund), which is funded by parent’s money and helps with minor improvements in education.

There are two big arguments:

  • This money should be permitted, as some people want to help the school.
  • This money should not be allowed, as it forces poor students to contribute, and, when they can’t do so, bad things happen.

My view on this is that the first argument is a false one – you don’t need everyone in a classroom to contribute with money. If you are doing OK with money, and wish that your child has a good education, no one stops you from writing a check which would help.

On another hand, poor students might have issues with paying for school. Do this in the long run with big numbers, and some pupils will leave school due to this reason, or, much more likely, they’ll have a poor experience in school.

In my opinion, if education should be universal, then, in that case, you shouldn’t force people to pay for it.

There are lots of dilemmas like “Is the current school education system the best one?” or “Should school be mandatory and free?”, but they’re for another talk.

For the current talk, I think that people shouldn’t be forced to pay for school education.

I have some memories from my own education with such contributions, and none of them are nice. I would prefer they wouldn’t exist.

The question has a wrong answer – “people want to help the school!”. Well, nobody stops you. On another hand, paying for school makes some people skip education, and I don’t think that’s right.

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